The Vikings and Norse Mythology Essay examples

The Vikings and Norse Mythology Essay examples

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The Vikings were experts at trading and exploring1, they were almost always trading and exploring with other countries. Europe and Asia were the countries that they mainly traded with4. The Vikings had one of the best Military’s during their time period, and were feared across Europe because they went on raids5. Most of their raids were rapid attacks on villages and towns5. When they were in battle all Vikings had a battle-axe, a shield, and a sword to help them in battle5. Believed to use a drug called anmirifta in battle to adjust their mood during battle5. When they fought in battle and went on raids they wore tons and tons of armor that covered most of their body and metal or leather hats to protect themselves during battle5. The Vikings were always on the move to unsettled and settled lands. Mostly settled in Europe, New England Ireland, Scotland and Greenland . Stayed in Greenland for over a couple hundred years. The Vikings were able to get their boats on land because their boats had a shallow bottom1.

The Vikings were divided into three different classes; the top class had economic power 8.The middle class were farmers who were free and could carry weapons and could attend the general assembly, and the lowest class were slaves and had no rights 8.The woman played a big role in the Vikings society they were responsible for the farm when their men were away from home and also were responsible for cooking and cleaning8. The Vikings were rich and were good poets and also were good with arts and crafts, and were experts at blacksmithing. They were believed to be the first settlers that came to America8. The Vikings were the first ones to have a first true democracy since ancient Greece8.

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...of Stiklestad was the most famous battle in Norway history15.

The Swedish Vikings were the Vikings that were the most powerful11. The Swedish Vikings were also the best traders out of all the other types of Vikings and were the Vikings that might have reached North America11. The Danish Vikings were the Vikings that mostly raided villages and robbed people11. The Viking that discovered Iceland was a Norwegian king named Ingolf Arnarson he discovered it in 870 A.D11. The most famous Viking was Erik the red; he murdered one of his enemies. The result for him murdering a man was he was to be exiled from Iceland for three years, he then gathered a crew and left Iceland11. He was the first person to find Greenland; he then went back to Iceland and told the other Vikings about Greenland about how it was inhabited and about the good natural resources there11.

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