Narrative Essay - My Most Memorable Experience

Narrative Essay - My Most Memorable Experience

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My Most Memorable Experience


      The beaten up old Pontiac sputtered violently as we rolled

leisurely out of our driveway.  With my mom in the passenger seat and my

dad behind the wheel, the front of the car was up with excitement for our

trip to Arizona.  My brother Allan was quietly asleep next to me, and as

for my sister, Jacqueline, and youngest brother J.D.; they played quietly

in the car.  I sat quietly behind my mother, still delirious of the

situation and dreading the long exhausting trip that I was to endure.


      My lack of enthusiasm was due to my late bedtime the night before.

I guess I was lucky to be a passenger in the car, and not the driver, as so

I could "snooze" as my dad urged himself to go onward towards Arizona as he

sat behind the car's steering wheel.  We had already been on the road for

three hours now, and still not a peep out of anyone, except my youngest

siblings whom were frolicking around together with their toys in the back

of the car.  My dad refused to stop for food until noon.  It was 11:30, yet

30 minutes seemed like an awful long time and my stomach had been craving

something, anything, for at least an hour.  The hunger was uncontrollable,

an almost eerie feeling, one you get before riding a roller coaster, came

to me.  No one else seemed to complain, so I attempted to ignore the issue

by putting myself to sleep.


      Over 45 minutes had past before I was awaken so abruptly by the

grasp of my dad large hand on my shoulder.  "Time for lunch!" quaintly said

with a jolly cheer hidden deep in his voice.  One after another we trickled

from the car, emptying quite quickly.  I took a large deep breath of what I

assumed would be fresh air.  Instead, I coughed.  The air wreaked of

exhaust and was dry, concentrated with dust.  It was my fault I hadn't

observed the large sign reading "Trucking Pit Sto".  The letter "p"

appeared to missing from the sign, and as I contemplated why, I walked

slowly away from the car , still "hacking" and coughing.  I was behind my

family by quite a margin, so I picked up the pace, as to catch up with them.

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      Upon entering, a huge grown came over my face as my eyes filled

with tears due to all the cigarette smoke.  I continued to cough, but only

at the horrid smell of diesel fuel and horrible B.O. that lurked around the

truckers as they smoked away.  My mother, still extremely quiet and holding

close to her my brother and sister, gave me a look of fear and warning.  I

could understand how she felt, being among such a crowd of obese men made

me feel uncomfortable too.  I looked at the menu, which appeared to be

covering with ketchup and stained with a white "goo".  No longer was I

hungry, my stomach, so hungry before and crying for food had muted itself

from disturbing me any longer.


      After our "hearty" meal, we were beck on the road again; although I

didn't eat a morsel of food.  As my stomach lingered for something to eat,

I tried to endure the bumps on the road, which appeared to be endlessly

leading us nowhere.  Hopelessly trying to ignore the bumps that were

aggravating me so much, I stared outside my window to find a cemetery of

the poor bugs had begun to compile on my window.  The desert was not at all

appealing and the repetitive sight of brown rocks and dead plants made gave

me a feeling of sickness and isolation.  What kind of trip was this?

Certainly not one to be remembered as a wonderful experience in my later

"Golden Years" of life.  Still suffering of boredom, I rested my head on

the maroon colored headrest behind m in hopes of being able to sleep until

out destination was reached.


      My eyelids peeled open slowly, as I noticed that I was in a world

of darkness.  No longer was I in a cramped Pontiac with my head against a

rough upholestied headrest, but I was now inside a room, with cool air, and

a fresh scent of cleanliness blowing through my nose.  "About time you came

around sport...", My dad said.  I had no response, but lethargically moved

to the window to find a beautiful view of Phoenix outside.  The sight of

the city gave me a sense of relief and comfort.  Anything to be out of the

car and off the road.  Our vacation had finally started.  Despite all of my

complaining, I was in store for a good time while I was in Arizona.
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