Using Diversity and Science to Effectively Educate Students Essay

Using Diversity and Science to Effectively Educate Students Essay

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Diversity is when individuals differ in race, ethnicity, gender, class, language, religion, ability, geography, and/or age. Teachers will be required to teach in diverse classrooms with a variety of inclusion students, gender, and cultures. Each and every person learns differently and at different rates. According to Culyer and Ebert (2008), “There is no age which all people are on the same intellectual level either at a starting point or as a level of attainment. Thus, you can expect that all students in your classroom will represent a range of intellectual ability” (p.84). Teachers must learn how to understand student needs along with helping them learn by teaching in a way that is going to be diverse in one manner or another.
Teachers must promote learning in their classrooms by challenging all students and creating a warm and open classroom. Teachers should understand that some children have difficulty in some areas and strengths in other areas. Therefore, teachers should not hider those students with weaknesses from learning. Teachers should use instructional strategies to help students learn in different ways by using all learning types. They should also prepare their lessons to fit their students’ needs by making modifications when necessary. Gaylord (2005) states “To effectively educate students there must be collaboration between all the instructional and administrative staff in the school; everyone must be on the same page in implementing prevention and intervention efforts” (p.1). Each school should have collaboration between all faculty and staff to help with inclusion. The Public Law 94-142 allows students with disabilities to receive a free and appropriate education. Students with a disability or disab...

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