The Uses Of The Internet Essay

The Uses Of The Internet Essay

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The use of the Internet offers a variety of benefits to everyone. Firstly, the internet makes it easier to search things and find out information within seconds. This helps us to know what is happening in the world and around us.
Furthermore, I typed the title of the newspaper article in the search engine. The only thing I had to do after that was to click on the website. Without searching about the latest news. I had been given the headlines of the day already.
Also, in the olden days the process would have taken longer and people would have been given the information a few days later. This is because people would have typed up the information. The technology we have now makes life apparent and saves us time.
However, nowadays if we just press file and then print it would take us minutes or even seconds and in the olden days you would have had to re-do the template (logo of the newspaper) and it would have taken longer. Therefore, nowadays there is more database and space which means we can save our work.
In addition, we have a search engine. For instance, if we didn’t have the time to read the headlines the day before we could just type the date of that day. This would generally give us the headlines of that day. This would help and make it simpler for the people. Not only is it easier, but we won 't waste paper and this could be used for other things.
Although, people may have lost their job there are other options. The Internet has made oversimplified tasks that would take an enormous amount of time straight forward. Usually it takes longer but with the new technology it 's getting better and better. As a result, people could have jobs by being the editor of a newspaper website or even the writer. This would...

... middle of paper ... and they needed to find out their phone bill this can cause a problem. Usually you would get your letters sent to your home for free but nowadays you would need to pay for it.
This can affect a student at university, because they can be distracted by using social networks and not doing their work.
Lastly, a disabled person because they may not know how to use the internet and find out important information such as: their bank balance.
4. Explain how people who do not have access to a PC are affected
People who don’t have PC can be affected in many ways. They won 't know if there are any special offers for clothing for instance, if they bought something from the shop for £69, this could be cheaper online for £20. Also, they could find out up to date information easily from the internet. For example, their bank balance. Whereas going there it would take time.

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