Understanding The Quality Of Life Essay

Understanding The Quality Of Life Essay

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Have you ever imagined what would you like when you become 55 or older? Would you confirm to society’s expectations or would you form your own “quality of life” expectations? As the body matures and grow, there are some unique characteristics that comes with growing older. There is a meaning of old age transcending the life of an individual as the universally accepted human quality in respect to transcendence search and perspective of the meaning that define what comprises a human being (Moody & Sasser, 2014). Ageing forms different relationships with each individual and the society as that is filled with shared moments reflecting on life up until death occurs. Also, the “quality of life” becomes important. Leisure, which is a factor of the “quality of life”, is enjoyed in the last bits of life, as a way of finding life’s meaning. Old age entails activities that have a noticeable decline or increase in participation rate as well as the individual differences and variations (Moody & Sasser, 2014). For instance, socioeconomic status and roles change rapidly by age and gender. If the society focus on using every generation’s to form a better society, then no generation will have to fear of becoming roleless to society’s expectations.
Throughout history, we are familiar with the terms racism and sexism. However, we fail to properly address the term ageism. Ageism is fueled by negative stereotypes by the society towards the elderly population. The media have a lot to do with society’s view on the topic, especially in the elderly population. When the society thinks about old age, they tend to predict a slowdown, picturing elderly people in rocking chairs or in front of the television. For instance, elderly people are shown as helpless ...

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...activities) and collective (e.g. governmental policy) dimensions.
In conclusion, society overall needs to know how to use their resource better. If the society focus on using every generation’s to form a better society, then no generation will have to fear of becoming roleless to society’s expectations. Every age group has their own special talents to help make the world a better place. Throughout life, from a child to an adult, the goal is to mature in order to survive in the world. Each age milestone is very important to meet. Old age such not limit an individual’s role(s) in society. For every age peak an individual hit, different values become more important. Between my interview with my grandmother, my research, and readings, I noticed until the society becomes balance with race, age, and gender there will always be conflict to stop our society to move forward.

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