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Theories of Mythology Essay

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Theories of Mythology
The definition of mythology is derived from the word “myth”. The word itself is developed from the Greek word “mythos”, which means sagas, legend, or fable. The word “myth” is a chronicle that seeks to prove the world around us and is passed down from generation to generation (Lincoln, 1999). It is the nature of humans to marvel about the unknown and explain the unaccountable. It is also the desire for knowing that has inspired humans to fabricate amazing stories of his descent. Although segregation has been caused by geographical barriers many cultures have developed creation myths that have basic factors like chaos, the creation of humans, and the explanations of natural phenomena. Whereas few see myths as a universal pattern, mythology can be defined as a form of human nature (Magoulick, 2010). Most myths have extraordinary explanations for natures unexplainable but seem to have no match against the force of modern science. However, there are several basic theories of mythology. Even though no particular theory has been deemed right or wrong, the three most common theories of mythology seem to be the rational theory, structural theory, and the psychological theory.
The rational myth theory is one of the most comparable methodological approaches to the interpretation of a person’s behaviors. A rational myth theory claims myths are designed to construe common forces and happenings. The theory is established on the concept that people behave for a specific intention and that is to maximize their usefulness. This theory is made so that humans can better comprehend the natural occurrences in their everyday lives. The theory also speculates that every person recognizes what they want and can...

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...hough they are all very different they do have a lot of similar qualities, and traits about them. Different people follow different theories and their studies. What is important is that all myths have the same basic factors surrounding them. Those factors are chaos, the creation of humans, and the explanations of natural phenomena. It is all how a person or culture has interpreted them.

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