The Impact of the Internet on the Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Popular Music

The Impact of the Internet on the Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Popular Music

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The creation of the web was not only a revolutionary movement but also acted as a door for endless opportunities in the music industry. Its ability alone to provide the general public with continuous information is astounding, but it also acts a platform for users to access, distribute and produce music. According to Andrew P.S (2006, 1), the internet was not created with a business mentality but as the years went by it began and continues to be moulded into a continuous path where consumers grasp the aptitude to which they could discover incessant possibilities online such as the access to music. Evidently, the internet solely acts as a huge factor in the shaping of the music industry today, more positively than negatively. Below, we will take a look at effects the internet has had on the production, distribution and consumption of popular music. By analyzing the various methods the consumer is able to get access to, distribute and consume music, the essay will be able to draw on a conclusion.
The internet proves to have a far and wide reach to its users, and popular music is short of what ends it can attain. ‘’ The success of the internet is due to its worldwide broadcasting capability that allows the interaction between individuals without regard for geographic location and distance’’ Romualdo Pastor-Satorras and Alessandro V. (2007, 1). The distribution of music on the internet can be a very delicate situation. Organizations such as the RIAA provide websites such iTunes where music can be legally purchased and this in turn allows users who have no method of substantial purchase a way to access music.
However, with the internet’s rapid and continuous progression, it would only be of habitual nature that illegal download we...

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...ay 2012.
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