Teaching Science In The Twenty-First Century Essay

Teaching Science In The Twenty-First Century Essay

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Botanist, zoo director, orthodontist, and park ranger. These are only four of the many, many jobs that need their employees to have a good background in the sciences. It is very important that children begin to be taught about science when they are introduced to the other fundamental subjects. If a child has a good understanding of science and scientific thinking, they can use these processes in everyday life. Science is also important for kids to know because it can open their eyes to an abundance of occupations. Even students, who will grow up to work in a field that is unrelated to science, will still need to use the processes to help them make educated decisions.
Science education helps families all over the world almost everyday of their lives. When someone is cooking food, playing video games, or reading late at night they are using a form of energy called electricity. Students of today know what this is and how it works because of the fact that science is still being taught in schools. In addition to being taught about electricity, children are taught the scientific method which “not only makes science more accessible and engaging to all humans but also reflects more clearly and openly how science actually proceeds” (Paul Grobstein). In the scientific method, students are asked to use deductive reasoning to come up with a hypothesis. Deductive reasoning is also a tool that we use in everyday life. Deductive logic can also help students on a multiple choice test in any class. All one has to do is rule out all unreasonable answers, and then they have a higher chance of getting the answer right and have just used science to figure it out.
Many professions involve knowing science. If a child exceeds in the study of sciences...

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...he other company is doing poorly in sales, he can reason that this company might bring his company down as well. Nevertheless, this is just one example of how science is used in other fields.
As you can see, science is an important part of everyday life. Science can and will help future adults understand their world, as long as it continues to be taught. Science can help everyone and is used in almost all professions. Science can help students become successful in life and give them a chance to live a long happy life. Future scientists will make this world a better place

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