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The Teaching Of Critical Thinking Essay example

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It is believed that cultivating critical think and disposition is critical in the 21st century. Yang & Chung set out to ascertain whether introducing critical thinking within the parameters of a civic class would help students to better retain the skills taught. The research comes on the heels or potential in response to the Ministry of Education of Taiwan announcement of the development of a 9 year integrated curriculum which focused on independent critical thinking and problem solving ability as educational goals.
As the world and technology evolves rapidly, it is becoming more and more essential to obtain critical thinking skills to bring about readiness to meet the impeding challenges. Within Yang and Chung experimental study they cite several articles on the teaching of critical thinking. They begin by defining the definition of Critical Thinking; Ennis (1998) defines critical thinking as a ‘reasonable reflective thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe or do’ (Yang, 2009). Kuhn (1991) provides a more global concept in his definitions which deems CT as a ‘form of reasoned argument’ which helps to emphasize both metacognitive and reflective skills that are believed to be essential in critical thinking (Yang, 2009). Some researchers, specifically Perkins, Allen & Hafner (1983) postulated that critical epistemology is teachable and that well designed practice can help to improve critical thinking skills (Yang, 2009). Previous literature also reflects a division between those who believe that Critical Thinking should be taught dependently within the course material and those how believe it should be its own discipline.
Yang & Chung set out to examine how teaching critical thinking in civic education course could affe...

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...tentially offering online discussion or debate forums throughout the classes would be helpful to the students.
The positive aspect of this study is that you can take a passive learner and teach them how to think critical given the proper motivation, however some student,as with any subject matter will always be resistant. In order, to have a successful program the course must be structured in a way that will engage, guide and support all students. This study helped to clarify that critical thinking could be taught within the construct or dependent of a course and therefore not requiring its own dedicated class. However, in order for the curriculum to be successful, ample time must be provide for debate and practice of these skill and 4 months or even a year would not be sufficient in developing the necessary critical thinking that are essential in the 21st century.

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