Student 's Personality And Critical Thinking Skills Essay

Student 's Personality And Critical Thinking Skills Essay

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Academic Reflection:
University composition is more revealing than test scores because it demonstrates the student’s personality and critical thinking skills. Writing in college is a form of academic reflection, which means thinking carefully upon decisions that lead to conclusions. It is part of the critical thinking process which analyzes the process involved in making judgements. Writing involves a wide range of problem-solving skills or experiences leading to desirable results and focuses on the judgmental process as well. In writing, it is often used as a means of describing how we choose vocabulary, rhetoric, logic, and language. This means we relay our reasons and thoughts in regards to an audience or purpose. Through this, an essay forged is a form of independent thinking, which is what college is about.

The initial anxiety of writing assignments themselves ails us all. In order to compose a written paper, writers must remain focused. Bad emotions deter the writer 's thoughts and any rationality may become skewed. According to Corrine Hilton’s article (2010) on writing anxieties, “Research indicates emotional responses can affect academic performance.” On a psychological level, recognition and learning how to manage negative emotional responses are essential to a project 's success. This is why interpreting and task managing assignments are considered skills. First off, drawing mental focus away from outside thoughts aids the writer to establish solitude, which provides peace when writing. Often, emotions such as frustration or disappointment usually occurs when people feel unable to progress. As a result the writer tends to procrastinate, making writing difficult to avoid negative thinking (Hilton 21). However...

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...clusions from good valid sources will express our ideas and thoughts on a much broader scale and will allow others within a scientific community to see our work as a part of a grander scheme. In doing so, the goal is to employ the fact of both involvement and ownership simultaneously. Information in itself, isn 't a form of knowledge. Developing an understanding of how it relates to what we are trying to understand is what defines intellectual work. Through this understanding of how to use information is key to what makes a good writer. Conducting independent research is self-rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful by developing an understanding of how these practices are implemented and involved in the creation of true knowledge. This process is only the beginning of further intellectual work once it is made public. Through writing, the true quest of knowledge begins.

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