Social Media 's Negative Effect On Reading, Writing And Critical Thinking

Social Media 's Negative Effect On Reading, Writing And Critical Thinking

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From the moment our eyes open in the morning till they close at night, the average American is spending time on some form of social media. It is here that critical thinking, reading, writing and language are diminishing as these social media sites fill their place. Youth, young adults, and even adults are deprived of the joys that come come with reading, writing, critical thinking and language. Social media is the culprit in this case; stealing away important life skills from the lives of those around us. But today, social media 's destruction will be no more, for light had been shed on this once dim, illadress subject of social media’s negative effect on reading, writing, language and critical thinking. But before we explain how social media is destroying these four very important skills, we must understand what they are and how they work, so when the destruction of social media is address the impact it has is seen clearly.
Dating back to before the time of the printing press, reading has been an essential part to the lives of everyone around the world. Reading has been our way of teaching, sharing and informing those around us. In the past twenty or so years, reading has turned away from our source of knowledge and enjoyment to a requirement issued by those around us. Reading is more than picking up a book and glancing at words, it is the process of learning new vocabulary. For those who read for enjoyment, or for those who are required to read, how often is a unknown word discovered in the reading. When these unknown words are discovered, a dictionary or thesaurus provides the answer for the unknown. It is here that vocabulary is built upon. But reading goes beyond the learning of vocabulary, it engulfs us into a world of imag...

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...ooks at the loss of critical thinking through social media. “With the advent and explosion of social media, most of us use this powerful tool to cocoon ourselves in our existing and unchallenged view of the world including social, political, policy, economic, religious, and intellectual biases” (2). Loeb is saying that social media 's destruction of critical thinking affects more than just how we view thing but through all that we believe and do. Social media is something we have to be aware of in our critical thinking.Often times than not, if we use social media to find answers, we create “quixotic views” and “diminishing meaningful advocacy” without critical thinking (3). If we approach social media with critical thinking, social media could become a very useful tool, but until we are able to do so social media will continue to be a criminal to critical thinking.

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