Similarities Between Mythology And Greek Mythology Essay

Similarities Between Mythology And Greek Mythology Essay

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There are many religions that people believe in ranging from Buddhism, Hinduism, and Chinese mythology to Greek Mythology, Zoroaster, and Norse mythology. Each religion shares some commonalities but also some differences and some are more popular than others. Three such religions in the world are Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. All three religions are monotheistic (worship of one god) and actually worship the same one but they also differ on some key aspects such as prophets and the way to worship. It is a common misconception that Islam worships a different god, Allah. However, “Allah” is the Arabic word for God, so really, Islam worships the same God.

The first to come was Judaism. Judaism originated in Israel among the Israelites, or the Jews. The Jews believed that they were God’s chosen people and they followed many rituals and traditions, believing that they were the only ones eligible to enter heaven. This is where the religions Christianity and Islam differ with Judaism. Jew believes that Gentiles (anyone who wasn’t a Jew) was condemned to hell while Islam and Christianity believed that anyone was able to enter heaven if they obeyed God and believed. The Jews had many rules, regulations, restrictions, and traditions. These were very important to Jewish society. For example, if you sinned, you had to sacrifice and animal to atone for your sin. On the Sabbath (todays Saturday), Jews must not work. The list goes on and on.

Christianity came after Judaism. A Jew named Jesus during the time Israel was part of the Roman Empire started it. At the time, the Jews were waiting for the Messiah (savior) to come and rescue them. Many believed that the Messiah would drive the Romans out of the holy land. Jesus claimed to be the Me...

... middle of paper ... their way down to Jerusalem, butchering and massacring Muslims along the way. Their goal was to save the holy city, Jerusalem from the hands of infidels. Upon reaching Jerusalem, they laid siege to it and entered the city. The soldiers went into frenzy, pillaging and massacring the inhabitants. The Muslims were the better of the three religions in terms of interactions. As they conquered the Middle East, they were generally tolerant of the areas they conquered, encouraging the conquered to convert to Islam but not forcing them to. When the Muslims conquered the areas lost to the Catholics into the Crusades, they showed more grace than the Catholics. When they retook Jerusalem, they didn’t massacre the Christian inhabitants but even allowed Christians to make pilgrimages to Jerusalem. This is a vast difference between the Catholics actions and the Muslim’s actions.

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