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The Future of Spaceflight and Why It Should Be Private

- High above our beloved watery globe, on the shore of the cosmic ocean, a winged spacecraft approaches a gigantesque space station pirouetting in the vast dark. The pilots of this vessel make use of flat-screen computer displays to match their rotation with that of the massive orbital outpost. As the shuttle spins, a logo of the world's largest airline, emblazoned on its side, comes into view. This is not the present, but it was to be the past. A scene from Stanley Kubrick's 1968 science-fiction epic, 2001 A Space Odyssey, it was lauded at the time for its realistic portrayal of a human future in space (*1)....   [tags: Space Exploration ]

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World War I's Affect on British Industry and Economics

- The outbreak of the First World War in August 1914 produced immediate changes. It is often said that war is the 'locomotive of history' - that is what drives it along. Certainly the First World War helped to produce major changes in Great Britain especially socially and economically. World War I produced major economic changes. British industry had been to a large extent transformed by the mobilization of millions of soldiers and by an unprecedented switch to war production. Under a positive perspective, the economy had shown a new production capacity....   [tags: World War I, economics, history,]

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The Challenges of the “Real” and Depth in Maus

- The Postmodernist movement begun after World War II in which, high and low culture are questionable in the view of society and Art. The postmodernist movement in literature creates a new set of ideals for fiction, such as the metafiction, the fable like representation in novels, the pastiche, irony, and satire. Fredric Jameson speaks about the movement and its theory in his essay “Postmodernism and Consumer Society”. He questions postmodernism in society as it creates the new societal norm of popular culture....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Welfare State and Government Responses to Economic Openness

- The Welfare State and Government Responses to Economic Openness I. Introduction Economic openness is the phenomenon in which individual economies from all over the world become increasingly connected and interdependent through greater liberalization of trade and the vast movement of goods, services, and capital across borders. With the rise of globalization, positive effects have resulted from economic openness. The widespread benefits of globalization have resulted in global economic growth, prosperity, and have increased the overall standard of living in the world....   [tags: Government]

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Multinational Corporations and the Destruction of the Family

- The pursuit of the bottom line is the goal of many businesses of a variety of sizes. The ability to buy cheaply, sell dearly and minimize costs across the board gives businesses an edge that allows them to create vast amounts of wealth for those with a stake in the business or corporation, but at what cost. Multinational corporations create great deals wealth but they propagate social and cultural inequality, poverty and environmental damage at rates to rival their gains. Multinational Corporations wield incredible amounts of political and economic clout, clout that allows them to manipulate a region without fear of recourse on the part of the localities in which they reside....   [tags: Multinational Corporations (MNCs)]

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Analyzing Canadian Energy Trade Policy Through Two Lenses

- 1. Introduction “Using history as a mirror allows one to see the future trends. Using a person as a mirror allows one to see what is right and what is wrong.” – Chinese Tang Dynasty Emperor Shimin Lee. In this paper, I will use two lenses to analysis Canadian energy trade policy. First, I will compare Canada’s old National Energy Program (NEP) in 1980 and today’s Free Trade Regime, and predict what the future trend might be for Canada’s energy trade policy design and implementation. Second, I will compare Canada’s energy free trade policy with China and Russia’s state control energy trade policy, and analysis their lessons for Canada’s future energy trade policy design....   [tags: Energy]

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The Market of Azerbaijan Republic: A Transition Economy

- The market of Azerbaijan Republic can be defined as emerging market in transition economy. There is almost no any directly related literature to Azerbaijan market that can be a good source to identify business strategies that must be pursued in this market. But because Azerbaijan market has all main features of other emerging markets, any literature relating to emerging markets or transition economies can be reviewed to provide companies with necessary insight about how can be successful in this market....   [tags: Economics ]

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The IMF Disease Eating Away Our Daily Bread

- The IMF disease eating away our daily bread Pakistan’s economy has paid a huge price in partnering the war on terror with the USA. According to a recently released IMF report called “Pakistan Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper”, total losses, measured in terms of exports, foreign investment, industrial output and tax collection, are estimated to be around RS 2.08 trillion during the last five years period. The war on terror has outbalanced already stretched financial resources of the government as a consequence the development projects have been cut resulting in increase in poverty and unemployment....   [tags: Economics]

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Impact of Organizational Restructuring on Organizational Performance

- LITERATURE REVIEW When the organizational restructuring is done properly it will lead your organization to give maximum organizational performance. In a research article of William McKinley and Andreas Georg they explored two consequences of organizational restructuring that are usually unforeseen by managers and they are, at organizational restructuring level of producing cognitive order for top executives, while at the environmental level the consequence of environmental instability. Both feed back to promote further organizational restructuring, making restructuring a self-interest sphere....   [tags: Business Management]

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Prescriptive Packages Do Not Help Developing Nations

- A common form of development aid to the Global South has been distributed as “the prescriptive package”. Whether presented as a Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) and the reform of the state, TVA dams and the harnessing of nature, or the Green Revolution and the push towards agricultural modernity—the prescriptive package is a “cookie-cutter” model of development prescribed to the developing world regardless of local context and often with disastrous results. Without modification for local circumstance and incorporation of input of local people as well as their cooperation, good-hearted development efforts will continue to be, in many cases, either futile or degenerative....   [tags: Developing Nations]

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The State and Future of Airport Funding

- There has been a lot of controversy over the years about the federal government’s involvement and financial obligation to the airway industry. The construction of runways and taxiways are the largest development cost at hub airports and terminal development is second (Sanchez, 2006). The introduction of the Airport Improvement Plan (AIP) was the start of any significant federal funding for airports and the air industry. There has been an interest in privatization of airports and several attempts....   [tags: Aviation]

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The No Child Left Behind Act

- President Bush quoted, “Clearly, our children are our future…Too many of our neediest children are being left behind” ( The “No Child Left Behind” Act expands the federal government’s role in elementary and secondary education. The NCLB act was enacted January 8, 2002, and has four reform principles to the act: Accountability, flexibility, Researched-based reforms and parental options. Accountability begins with informed parents, communities and elected leaders so we can work together to improve schools....   [tags: No Child Left Behind, USA, ]

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Globalization Has Destroyed the Middle Class

- The world is not a large and strange place anymore. The world is a place that is interconnected and intertwined. The world has become from a place that each country and their peoples are separate and isolated to a place that each country and their peoples are part of a global network. Thanks to globalization this is occurring. Globalization is the ‘international integration” or ‘de-bordering’ – “a number of highly disparate observations whose regular common denominator is the determination of a profound transformation of the traditional nation-state” (Von Bogdandy 2)....   [tags: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Free Trade]

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The Problems With Refugee Detention Camps

- Genocide, poverty, religious intolerance, misogynism, these are only a few of the atrocities the people in some countries face every day. What choice do they have. Their only means of escape are death or refuge. So the obvious choice is refuge. They stowaway on ships or airplanes, pack into cars, or just start walking to a country where they have a small hope of not only surviving, but living a normal life. Most of them will end up in detention camps, and most will end up in camps where the conditions are very poor....   [tags: War Refugees Essays]

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Globalization: An Ideology of Western Elitists?

- Globalization, both as an ideology and process, has become the dominant political, economical and cultural force in the 21st century (Steger, 2002, 6). As a social and economic concept, globalization has its roots in neoliberalism which advocates: the primacy of economic growth, free trade to stimulate growth, a free market, individual choice, reduction of government regulation, and global social development based on a western model (Steger, 2002, 9). Although globalization is not a new concept, technological advancements in the last few decades have, for the first time in human history, allowed for real global production, transport and communication....   [tags: Neoliberal Philosophy]

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Business and Economic Strategies in Taiwan

- Business and Economic Strategies in Taiwan, from 1970s to Present Taiwan has grown over the last half century from a poverty stricken nation to an economically-stable country and this has seriously caught the attention of some developed western countries. The country has had one of the largest populations lavishing in poverty over the years but through hard work from its people as well as the government’s commitment, its economy boasts as one of the fastest growing not only in Asia, but also globally....   [tags: Government, Politics, International Business]

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Owning Life: Biopatenting and Bioprospecting

- Owning Life: Biopatenting and Bioprospecting In the 2008 movie “Repo: The Genetic Opera”, organ replacement has become so easy and commonplace that you can pay for such a procedure on a line of credit from GeneCo., the company that controls the organ replacement market. However, just as a house paid for by a loan extended by a bank, your new organ is owned by GeneCo. until you have paid off this loan—and if you don’t make your payments, it will be repossessed. This film is dystopian due to the horrific absurdity of the idea that a human life is little different from a house, car, or big screen television; just as one buys food, shelter, or the luxuries and conveniences of modern living, so t...   [tags: Ethics]

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Parental Violence and Youth Sports

- Participating in a sport at an early age can be essential to the overall growth process during a child’s upbringing. Whether the participation is through some sort of organized league or just getting together amongst friends and playing, the lessons learned from this can help teach these kids and provide a positive message to them as they develop. There is a certain point, however, when organized sports can hinder progress, which is when adults get too involved and forget about the underlying reason to why they are helping....   [tags: Benefits of Youth Sports]

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Policies and Politics in Madagascar

- Madagascar is among the countries that are termed as least developed in the world today (United Nations, 2001). The implementation of trade agreement based on agriculture sector led to sluggishness in the various market dynamics of the available grains. In addition to this, the quantity of grains was declining and as a consequence of this, the revenues generated declined at an alarming rate. The country was therefore obliged to opt for food import. This step was taken as a result of reduction in the amount of aid granted to the government, and subsequent subsidization of exports....   [tags: International Government ]

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The Ethical Treatment of Prisoners

-   A Utilitarian View of Prison Labor & Behavioral Impact of Prisoners INTRODUCTION The ethical theory of utilitarianism and the perspective on relativism, of prison labor along with the relativism on criminal behavior of individuals incarcerated are two issues that need to be addressed. Does the utilitarianism of prisoner’s right laws actually protect them. Or are the unethical actions of the international and states right laws exploiting the prison labor. Unethical procedures that impact incarcerated individuals and correctional staff, the relativism of respect as people and not just prisoner’s; the safety of all inmates and correctional staff, are all issues worth continuous reflection....   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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Militarism, Democracy Promotion, and Globalization

- “I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, find that the policies and actions of the Government of Nicaragua constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States and hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat” (Reagan, 1985). This Executive Order prohibiting trade and other activities with Nicaragua is a startling example of how the United States managed the world system as the global hegemon. The “threat” posed by a country half the size of the state of Michigan was insignificant and laughable, if nothing else....   [tags: Political Policy]

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Why Cities Need Strategic Planning

- Strategic planning is concerned with the formulation and evaluation of urban development policies and the mechanisms put in place in for implementing those policies, whilst strategic planning in urban development is generally referred to as a process that allows the articulation of the initiatives of public and private stakeholders which seek synergies for the development of a city (Steinberg, 2003). The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of strategic planning for government administration and discuss the importance of strategic planning in cities....   [tags: Urban Development ]

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The Manipulation of Mass Media

- Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries one of the main motivations of the media in almost every country was to influence politics (“Mass Media”). Journalism is the profession of writing or reporting the facts and information of a certain event. Journalists are trained to be as objective as possible when reporting issues and events. The profession is constantly critiqued by both journalists themselves and others, because many articles have been found to have been tainted with bias (“Journalism”)....   [tags: Media Manipulation]

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Social Security

- Social Security "On a daily basis senior citizens face a choice between buying food, paying the rent, or buying medicine. Senior citizens slice pills into halves because they can't afford their full prescriptions." (Federal News Service Sept. 2002) Social Security is what keeps many elderly and disabled Americans from being stricken by poverty. Without Social Security in our society 15.3 million elderly would have incomes below the poverty line, however after Social Security was added to the equation only 3.8 million elderly have incomes below poverty....   [tags: Welfare Politics Essays]

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Social Security Reform

- Social Security Reform      It is not difficult to understand why Social Security is our country’s most popular government program. Prior to its inception in the 1930’s, more than half the nation’s elderly lived in poverty. The program was designed as a social (old-age) insurance plan which provides a guaranteed income to retired and disabled workers whose loss of wages promises an uncertain economic future. I emphasize the word guaranteed, as this is the issue in contention when considering reform propositions....   [tags: Government Political Public Policy Essays]

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Economic System

- Economic System A country’s economic system consists of the structure and processes that it uses to allocate it’s resources and conduct it’s commercial activities. Types of Economic Systems - Centrally planned economy - Mixed economy - Market economy Centrally planned economy System in which a nation’s resources are owned by the government. Origins: the ideology that the welfare of the group is more important than individual well being. (Karl Marx). Decline: In the 80’s nations began to dismantle communist central planning in favor of market based economy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The History of Globalization

- Globalization is the increasing interconnectedness of people, places, and cultures throughout the world today. The effects of this homogenizing process that we call globalization can be seen in all aspects of life. From McDonalds being in almost every country, to the majority of North American clothes being made in periphery countries, to the technological ability that allows us to instantly communicate with people anywhere in the world, the effects are everywhere. Economically today, globalization has had both positive and negative effects around the world, with many similarities to colonization....   [tags: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Free Trade]

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Action Plan For America

- If you could design a completely new socio-economic form, how would you do it. For the purpose of this thought-experiment, let us assume that all present-day corporations, banks, politicians, lobbyists, and outside parties have no factor in the design; there has been complete collapse in both finance and government. A default on our national debt. All current laws, policies, government programs and departments can be modified or erased however pleased, with exception to the core principles of the democracy such as Constitution, Bill of Rights, Executive/Judicial/Legislative structure, and so forth....   [tags: Economy]

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Notes for Video Segment

- The final video will be a compilation of video, photos, Raphael reporting, as well as text boxes composing of important quotes from peer-reviewed sources, and statistical evidence. 1) First Shot – Title of project 2) 30 seconds of multiple shots of gates 3) Stop on picture and put up definition of gated communities 4) Shot up sped up video of gated communities 5) Introduce Raphael (the reporter). This will take place in front of a ‘do not force open’ sign on a gate of a gated community. • What Raphael will wear: baby blue suit, short pants, and scripted reports....   [tags: Video Review]

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Capitalism: Good or Evil?

- INTRODUCTION: Along with the advance and development of the society, capitalism is acquired by lots of countries among the world. But in the meantime, an increasing number of problems are brought to our attention, one of which is the pros and cons of capitalism. As to whether it is a blessing or a curse, people take different attitudes. Capitalism can be traced back to the Middle Ages in Europe, and this economic system has been contributing to the whole human race for centuries. However, people are attaching more importance to what capitalism is really doing to us, and they start wondering if another world is possible....   [tags: Government ]

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The Globalization of McDonald's

- A world without the Big Mac, Happy Meals, Chicken McNuggets, and the phrase “I’m lovin’ it,” is almost inconceivable. People around the globe have become accustomed to the high gleaming golden arches that make up the famous emblem for McDonald’s. McDonald’s has grasped the concept that culture flows from power. In this case, the American culture flows through the veins of this fast-food giant and the more that is supplied, the greater the demand. It is no secret that McDonald’s has become one of the world’s largest fast-food retailers....   [tags: Business Analysis ]

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Zapatista Movement in Mexcio

- The Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas, Mexico got worldwide attention on January 1, 1994, when they marched to Mexico City against the signing of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The free trade agreement was intended to facilitate trading between Canada, United States, and Mexico. The Zapatista claimed that this agreement would affect the indigenous people of Chiapas by further widening the gap between the poor and the rich. In this paper I will examine the NAFTA agreement and the Zapatista’s ideology and claims against the NAFTA agreement to see whether or not any real effects have risen within the indigenous people of Chiapas Mexico and in Mexico as a whole....   [tags: Mexico]

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The Importance of the 1945 and 1979 General Elections

- The Importance of the 1945 and 1979 General Elections Britain has seen a lot of elections since the establishment of the parliament in 1802.To be precise there has been 53 General elections, every single one has its own importance to the history of the UK, however some turned out to be more significant that others. Can General Elections and the party elected change the whole country. Which parties happen to have done it in the past and what effect did it have on the United Kingdom....   [tags: Papers]

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The Trend of Democracy, Capitalism, and Globalization

- Our generation is experiencing an extraordinary historical phenomenon; it is reshaping culture, welfare, and prosperity at a global magnitude. The tyrannizing bounds of social contract, which have restrained us from freely trading and interacting, from acting as human beings in their state of nature, are now being torn off successively, and, most importantly, the change is being spearheaded at the government echelon. One after another, the countries that make up the world's financial system are making the shift to a market-based economy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Turkey and the European Union

- Turkey and the European Union Let us begin this by looking at what the EU wants from Turkey. The criteria for EU membership adopted by the Copenhagen European Council in June 1993 require that a candidate country has achieved stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights, and respect for and protection of minorities; has a functioning market economy as well as the capacity to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the Union; and has the ability to take on the obligations of membership, including adherence to the aims of political, economic and monetary union....   [tags: Turkey Foreign Affairs Europe Essays]

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Life In Jamaica

- I had never considered Jamaica in the way they did in the movie, Life and Debt. Whenever I thought about the country, which would have been rarely, I always only considered it as a tourist destination. I never took the time and considered what life could be like for those living there yearlong, and particularly those who were not involved in the tourism industry. I mean, if you ask almost any American how they would describe Jamaica, they would describe it’s tropical, beach-like atmosphere, but almost no one would discuss how difficult life is for it’s citizens....   [tags: Jamaica]

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Egyptian Higher Education

- The Egyptian ancient people had concerned with education and science; the put the first step in human civilization by inventing writing which had a great role to spread education in early period. The preserved their civilization through language and old heritage.(service 2008) Elsadda (2008) has referred to the Arab human development report published in 2003, entitled “building a knowledge society”, this report emphasis the reasons which stand behind the crisis in higher education, they were summarized in shortage of resources, bad management, decadence in quality of education services, non improved systems; in addition, the absence of democratic culture either in society or in institutions...   [tags: Higher Education ]

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Globalization and MENA

- Supporters of globalization try to reassure that globalization is good for both the wealthy and the poor alike. I would contest this theory especially in the Middle East and North Africa. As we have seen in recent news most of the Middle East and North Africa are in great turmoil. I believe rapid globalization forced upon this area by IMF and World Bank is to blame. These two entities are controlled mainly by the United States and other European powers to do their bidding around the world. This I believe is seen by the people of Mena as neocolonialism....   [tags: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Free Trade]

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The Environmental Crises

- A major concern of people from all demographics and religions is the environmental crises are taking place in the US and all over the world today. Many aspects our daily lives in the capitalist society we live in are causing grave destruction to our planet. Issues such as global warming, bottling water, and the search for oil and fossil fuels are some of the most known environmental crises taking place in the US. I believe the US could in fact find safe, profitable solutions to many of these problems as long as it is willing to be proactive and address the serious issues at hand while they can be corrected....   [tags: Environment , Environmental]

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The Medicare Debate

- The long awaited Medicare bill is finally on the horizon. President Bush is advocating the biggest expansion of Medicare in 30 years saying, "Medicine is modernizing and Medicare isn't"(Bush). He is promoting privatization and expansion in prescription drug benefits of Medicare to help "modernize" it. Simultaneously, a new bill pushing generic drugs - far cheaper than name brand prescriptions - into the market is being endorsed. Opponents of the bill, Republicans and Democrats, argue it will only increase the government debt and will not help senior citizens pay for new lifesaving technologies....   [tags: Current Events]

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Philippine Bureaucracy

- Philippine Bureaucracy I. A POLITICAL SYSTEM DEFINES ITS BUREAUCRACY: That the Philippine government has consistently failed in satisfying the needs and growing expectations of the Filipino people is a fact rather than a perception. What is widely perceived however, is that such failure of government is only due to the inefficiency of its bureaucracy to produce and deliver public goods and services. To accept the perception that the inefficiency of the bureaucracy is the main culprit in the failu re of government is to grant the dichotomization of the orientation of governance and the administration of its affairs....   [tags: social issues]

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- DISINVESTMENT OF PUBLIC SECTOR UNDERTAKINGS IN INDIA TODAY THE RUSSIAN ECONOMIC MODEL OF DEVELOPMENT CONNOTED THROUGH THE RUSSIAN FUR DOES NOT EXIST. TODAY THE CHINESE ECONOMIC MODEL OF DEVELOPMENT CONNOTED THROUGH THE MAO SUIT DOES NOT EXIST. Margaret Thatcher disrobed them. The concept of the GOLDEN STRAIGHT JACKET is avowed, to whether it were the Democrats or the Republicans, the Conservatives or the Laborites, the BJP or the Congress. The concept of the golden straight jacket has been embraced by all countries including India....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Economic Intervention

- Economic Intervention Every day our government makes economic decisions that affect our country and ourselves. Some of these decisions are good and benefit our lives greatly; however, many of our government's decisions, such as where our tax money should go, are not in our best interests. The Canadian government, although it is tightening up it's measures now, has been very lax with our hard earned tax money. Things like government officials receiving unreasonable benefits, government loans being given out like water, or government subsidizing of various companies and services that don't need it....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- The collapse of the Soviet Union created 15 new states. These states over the last 5 years have all struggled with economic, ethnic, political and territorial problems left to them by the Soviet empire. Kyrgyzstan, is a former Soviet Republic (FSR) located in the Central Asia. This paper will give a statistical representation of the state, Kyrgyzstan. The statistical data will reflect the basic geography of the subject country containing population, size and location. This miniature report will also contain brief descriptions of current political and economic situations....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America: An Analysis of its Characteristics and Efficacy

- Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America: An Analysis of its Characteristics and Efficacy INTRODUCTION Foreign Direct Investment, or FDI, is defined as “an investment made by a foreign person or organization in a particular country” ( In the 1990s, FDI became integral to the growth of Latin America. Traditionally, flows of FDI have constituted a small percentage of the resources flowing to developing countries (UNESCAP, 162). However, this characteristic changed in the 1990s when the share of FDI to developing nations rose from 12.7% in1990 to 41.5% in 1997....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Moral Economy in Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe and Locke’s Second Treatise of Government

- Moral Economy in Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe and Locke’s Second Treatise of Government James Joyce on Robinson Crusoe: “…the man alone, on a desert island, constructing a simple and moral economy which becomes the basis of a commonwealth presided over by a benevolent sovereign” (Liu 731). Issues of property and ownership were important during the 18th century both to scholars and the common man. The case of America demonstrates that politicians, such as Thomas Jefferson, were highly influenced by John Locke’s ideas including those on property and the individual’s right to it....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Mexican Labor Unions and Economic Reforms Over the Past 20 Years

- Mexican Labor Unions and Economic Reforms Over the Past 20 Years INTRODUCTION: Since labor unions in Mexico were originally formed in the early 1900s, they have maintained a unique system of collaboration and collusion with the government of Mexico. Though many may refer to their system as one of “corruption,” it is a system that has become so deeply imbedded in the relationship between labor unions and the government, that it is now a well-understood unofficial network. Over the past 20 years in Mexico, a great deal of progress has been made toward the liberalization of the Mexican markets....   [tags: Mexico Politics Political Essays]

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The Effects of Post-Industrialism On the Political Economy of Western Europe

- The Decline of Corporatist Bargaining The sustained, high economic growth in Western Europe during the post-war period until 1973 led to dramatic changes in the region's political economy. As advances in transportation and communication extended the reach of international trade into new areas of the world, as technological advances allowed establishment of manufacturing facilities overseas, and as European real wages climbed to unprecedented heights, the industrial base that had served as the foundation for rapid Western European growth in the 1950's and 1960's increasingly moved to Western Europe's poorer neighbors....   [tags: Economics Essays]

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Public Sector Agencies are Best Equiped to Fight Social Injustice

- Public Sector Agencies are Best Equiped to Fight Social Injustice With a new President, in came the rush of a new agenda. Gone were the days of the Clinton era, a time of continued investment in big government programs and a commitment that the federal government would assist in healing societal wounds. With President Bush in office, the social work community knew it was in for big changes. Armed with an agenda consistent with his conservative beliefs, President Bush came forth with policies that attempted to downsize the federal role in social issues and social work, to return power to the states in the form of block grants, and to increase reliance on the market as a solution to problems...   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Religious Pluralism in Turkey's Attempt to Become a Secular State

- Religious Pluralism in Turkey's Attempt to Become a Secular State Religious Pluralism in Turkey: an Overview In 1923, a modern nation-state was forged by the reforms of Mustafa Kemal in the form of the Turkish republic. The Kemalist state sought to remove religion from the public realm by totally separating religion and politics. It was expected that the modernization process would lead to a decline in religious fervor. However, the process has actually moved Muslims into a more public sphere....   [tags: Politics Political Religion Turkey Papers]

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The Impact of ISPs on the Architecture of the Internet

- The Impact of ISPs on the Architecture of the Internet The Internet was started over three decades ago as a US government sponsored project. The Internet originally connected several universities and the government; it eventually grew to include some private companies/research labs. As such, the initial users of the Internet were scientists/technologists who were well versed in the workings of the network (and who did not have the malicious intents of modern hackers). The motivation of the Internet at this time was to provide a robust nationwide communication network and to allow for the sharing of scientific research/resources around the nation1....   [tags: Internet Cause Effect Papers]

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Slovenias transition from labor managed economy to privately owned capitalism

- In 1991 following a ten day military resistance to the Yugoslav National Army, Slovenia achieved its independence. Since then the country has established itself through economic prosperity and stability that is not always the case for countries transforming from a communist dominated system. During the period that Slovenia was a part of Yugoslavia the government consisted of a socialist system dominated by the communist party with most aspects of political power centered at regional levels....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Opinion on Turkey’s Request for Accession to the European Union

- Opinion on Turkey’s Request for Accession to the European Union Possibilities and Implications “Turkey must take steps to win the Europeans' hearts” Long before Turkey was a nation and Europe was a continent, the people of those two lands have been warring. The Middle East, meanwhile, has developed its own culture of Islamic heritage and over time the European region has developed its own western culture. Caught in a tug of war is the nation of Turkey. This large nation spans the physical divide between the two regions....   [tags: European Union Essays]

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Globalization and the Identity Crisis of Prague and Berlin

- "…North American Culture will ultimately impose itself, standardizing the world and annihilating its rich flora of diverse culture. In this manner, all other peoples, and not just the small and weak ones, will lose their identity, their soul and become no more than 21st century colonies - zombies or caricatures modeled after the cultural norms of a new imperialism that, in addition to ruling over the planet with its capital, military might, and scientific knowledge, will impose on others its language and its ways of thinking, believing, enjoying and dreaming." -Mario Vargas Llosa, 2001 The social, economic and political consequences of globalization have been monumental in cities all over t...   [tags: Europe Western Culture Essays]

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Debate on Whether Britain Should Adopt a Written Constitution

- Debate on Whether Britain Should Adopt a Written Constitution Currently Britain’s constitution is an unwritten one. This doesn’t mean that it is literally unwritten but that it is set down in many different documents. Additionally there is no set bill of rights as there is in The United States of America. The constitution of the U.S.A. is written and codified. In America a bill of citizen’s rights was set down in the mid 1770’s and is entrenched in the constitution. In order to change the bill of rights a two thirds majority is required in both the Senate and the House of Representatives....   [tags: Papers]

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An Overview of Nigerian Venture Capital and Private Equity

- An Overview of Nigerian Venture Capital and Private Equity Executive Summary Nigeria is facing an uncertain future as outbreaks of ethnic and religious violence continue to place strains on Africa’s most populated country. With the 2003 elections approaching, the continuing battle amongst incumbent politicians and between competing ethnic and regional groups is likely to intensify. Such an environment will test Nigeria’s fragile democracy, which has never witnessed a hand over from one civilian government to another....   [tags: Nigeria Finance Venture Capital]

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The Symbolism of the Piano in The Piano

- The Symbolism of the Piano in The Piano         The piano has been inextricably linked with the roles and expectations of women in British society since its advent in the mid 1700s to the late 1800s when rising standards of living made it more accessible to middle class society. Pianos were regarded as "secure icons of social distinction" 1 and a wife was viewed similarly as a possession of "privatization, success and respectability."2 Pianos were instrumental in both reinforcing gender roles and as delineators of class distinction thus perpetuating the class system....   [tags: Piano]

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The Successes and Failures of the Zapatista Movement

- The Successes and Failures of the Zapatista Movement On January 1, 2004, over one thousand people in the mountain hamlet of Oventic, Chiapas, celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) rebellion with song and dance. Thus, it seems a fitting time to take stock of the successes and failures of the Zapatista movement in the context of its original goals. While the EZLN has been able to establish thirty eight autonomous indigenous communities in Chiapas, it has failed to weaken the Mexican government's commitment to neo-liberal economic policies....   [tags: Autonomy Chiapas Mexico EZLN Essays]

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The Role of the Government in Reducing Poverty

- Introduction In 1986, President Ronald Reagan issued the pithiest expression of the modern American political conservative credo when he told a Chicago audience, “I've always felt that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are 'I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.”1 While the current Republican administration is hardly an embodiment of this sentiment (President Bush has overseen the largest inflation-adjusted increase in federal spending since the Johnson Administration2), conservatives, at least in principle, believe in the notion of “small government” when it comes to social programs: less welfare, less federal control of education and Social Security pr...   [tags: Poverty in America 2014]

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The Negative Effects of Globalization on South Africa

- Globalisation refers to the process of the integration of economic, political, social and cultural relations among people, companies and governments of different nations and countries. It is a process aimed improving international movement of goods, services, labour and capital. This process also has a direct impact on the environment, culture, political systems, economic development and prosperity, and a human physical wellbeing of societies in the world. Globalisation also indirectly suggests internationalism and mutual agreement and support between countries, as opposed to nationalism and protectionism, which have negative defining characteristics....   [tags: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Free Trade]

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Labor Movements in Italy, Greece, and Turkey

- Labor Movements in Italy, Greece, and Turkey As a general rule of thumb, European trade movements have been stronger and more effective than those in the United States. Thus the major economic recession in the early 1980s, though experienced worldwide, hit especially hard in Europe, causing unprecedented damage to individual trade unions and labor movements in the postwar era. Governments felt the strain and responded by clamping down on efforts to increase wages and benefits. The European governments became obstinately rigid when approached by labor leaders, refusing to budge, determined that their deflationary policies would bring the countries out of the economic abyss....   [tags: Trade Economics Economical Papers]

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Policy Proposal for Economic Reform in Russia

- Policy Proposal for Economic Reform in Russia Despite making a recovery after the 1998 market crash, Russia remains weighted with numerous holdovers from the Communist era that keep its economy from taking advantage of free-market reforms. In short, Russia has not prospered under capitalism because it has not yet discovered it. In order to do so, the Russian government must engage in extensive reform in several key areas: improving the rule of law, creating stable monetary policy, and ending a policy of favoritism to particular businesses....   [tags: Economics Political Politics]

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The Benefits of No Child Left Behind

- Advantages of No Child Left Behind President George Bush signed the ‘No Child left behind’ law in 2002. The intent of this law is to guarantee every student, in the American school system, is offered the same opportunities. There are many benefits NCLB offers to students in America’s schools. One benefit is an effort that supports learning in the early years, thereby preventing many learning difficulties that may arise in students, later in the learning process (Department of Education, 2004). For example, the National Institute of Health estimates that 15 percent of the U.S population has some type of learning disability (Department of Education, 2002, p.74)....   [tags: essays papers]

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Lessons of the Socialist Planned Soviet Economy

- Lessons of the Socialist Planned Soviet Economy A long time ago the chancellor of Germany, Bismarck, said the following after reading the “Communist Manifesto” by Marx and Engels, “This is very interesting. But now we have to find a country that we wouldn’t pity to do an experiment on”. Russia was to be the country that this experiment would take place in. The main part of the experiment consisted of running a Socialist planned economy which is defined as the state of economy, where all production sections are governed and owned by government institutions....   [tags: essays papers]

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Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)

- What is the FTAA In 1994, the leaders of the thirty-four democratic countries of the Western Hemisphere launched the process of creating a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). The FTAA will be established by 2010 with the aim of gradually eradicating barriers to trade and investment in the region. The final characteristics of the FTAA will be determined through negotiations by government officials from the thirty-four participating countries. The trade issues that are presently under discussion are: market access; investment; services; government procurement; dispute settlement; agriculture; intellectual property; antidumping, subsidies and countervailing duties; and competition pol...   [tags: essays papers]

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The Effects of Interest Groups on Politics

- Influence of interest groups on the American legislature We elect politicians on the basis on the issues by which they stand, and these issues are either held up or weakened by the numerous interest groups that exist today. Interest groups target both major and minor issues, using all of their resources to sponsor or overpower the groups’ concern. Interest groups are composed of a limited range of the body of voters who have a great stake in the issues their group support. They make evident the issues their group supports....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The U.S. Central American Free Trade Agreement

- The U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). The U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement(CAFTA) is a trade agreement that is being negotiated between the United States and five Central American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. "The United States is committed to opening markets around the world because American farmers, workers, consumers and businesses want to sell our world class goods and services. CAFTA will simplify trade; promote investment; slash tariffs on goods; remove barriers to trade in services; provide advanced intellectual property protections; promote regulatory transparency; strengthen labor and environmental conditions; an...   [tags: Ecomonics]

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The Citibank Acquisition of Confia in Mexico

- Citibank--The Confia Acquisition in Mexico Focus: Organizational Integration, Products, Human Resources, and Global Strategy after Acquisition Introduction On August 12, 1998, Citibank took full ownership and control of the medium-sized Mexican banking group, Confía, dropping the latter's name and logo from the 280 branches throughout Mexico, and from that point on operating it as part of Citibank Mexico. The road that led to this outcome was rocky to say the least, and the fit of the Mexican bank into Citicorp's global organization and strategy was quite different from what would have been expected only months earlier....   [tags: Marketing]

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The Power of their Ideas by Meier

- The Power of their Ideas by Meier Meier opens her book, The Power of their Ideas, in a fierce defense of public schools. In her mind, without a passion for public education, the future of our country is threatened. Based on her own experience, she believes that all children can and, indeed, must learn to be critical thinkers in order to participate in our democracy. She notes that "there's a radical and wonderful new idea here the idea that every citizen is capable of the kind of intellectual competence previously attained by only a small minority....   [tags: Papers]

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India and Pakistan: The First Fifty Years

- India and Pakistan: The First Fifty Years Part I: Political Development India: Democratic progress and problems One of the strengths of India politically over Pakistan is said to be the fact that it has elected to take on a democratic system of government. There are several issues, however, with India as a democracy due to several factors including numerous cases of malpractice and corruption in electoral systems, which greatly undermine the soundness of the democratic institution....   [tags: Papers]

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Contracts and Economic Development of Eastern Europe

- Contracts and Economic Development of Eastern Europe The concept of contract law has been developed through years. It deals with how different procedures have been used to help solve contract conflicts. Contract law reflects real business experience since it can be traced back to the days when in order to solve a dispute English courts used the lex mercatoria, which were the commercial rules that merchants used when doing business across borders. A contract is the legal relationship that consists of the rights and duties of the agreeing parties growing out of promises....   [tags: Papers]

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China's Move to Prevent Internet Telephone Services

- Article Summary The popularity of computer-to-telephone call services is expanding at a phenomenal rate, threatening traditional phone companies' profits. Skype, a European based telephony company that offers this service is amongst the leaders in the field and has formed a joint venture with a Chinese company with the hopes of being able to capitalize on this emerging market. However, the telecom companies in mainland China are aggressively pursuing the systematic removal of these types of services....   [tags: Telecommunications VoIP Skype]

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Embraer: The Global Leader in Regional Jets

- Embraer: The Global Leader in Regional Jets Home Country Features Below are some of the competitive advantages (or factors which led to competitive advantages) I identified in the case: - History of the company; founded and supported by the Brazilian government. Also, probably a well-known brand in the Brazilian market - given its market presence in both the military and commercial spaces, and its neighboring markets. The three aviation business units (passenger, defense and special purpose aircrafts) the company entered must also led to, in one or another way, synergies and value-added know-how across businesses....   [tags: Case Study Embraer Airline Industry]

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Mexican Peso Crisis: Irregularities of Deregulation

- Mexican Peso Crisis: Irregularities of Deregulation It is one thing to liberate an economy or a market; it is another to lift all regulations on such market. Economic liberalization should be done in an appropriate, intelligent manner. The lack of proper regulation can lead to a snowballing effect where a seemingly trivial matter can lead up to a terrible outcome. This was the case of Mexico in 1994 where birth was given to the “Tequila Effect”. What were the conditions in the country that gave way to this crisis....   [tags: History Economy Economics Papers]

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Hugo Chávez and his Peaceful Revolution

- The history of Venezuela is intimately intertwined with the development of its petroleum industry. As one of the primary producers of oil in the world, this product is determinant for the country, both politically and economically. The current president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, has been criticized for opposing the privatization of the oil industry and has been labeled as a communist dictator by the United States for his political agenda. In the following essay, I will present the current situation in Venezuela, placing it in its historical context and addressing issues the new Venezuelan Constitution, the importance of oil, membership in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Count...   [tags: Essays on Hugo Chávez]

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Existing Global Institutions and their problems

- Existing Global Institutions and their problems In an increasingly connected and interdependent world, global institutions play an important role in promoting stability and guiding developing countries towards becoming market economies. This process and the importance of this role was never more clear than during the 1990s. In Eastern Europe, a host of new countries appeared on the world map franticly began running towards capitalism and prosperity. The premier international institution, the International Monetary Fund, was given the difficult task of crediting emerging economies and providing the western know-how to build strong market economies....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Strategic Analysis of Pearl Continental Pakistan

- COMPANY PROFILE Our vision We are committed to dynamic growth and service excellence built upon our heritage of traditional hospitality. We strive to consistently meet and surpass guests, employees and others stakeholders expectations. We feel pride in making efforts to position Pakistan in the forefront of the international arena. Our Core Values - G.R.I.T Growth & Development Recognition & Reward Innovation Trust Recognition and Reward Achievement orientation Performance-based evaluation Appreciation Incentives Setting ever-rising standards of performance Innovation Listening and two-way interaction Participation Encouragement Motivation Enterprises Trust Co...   [tags: Business Case Studies]

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Benetton - History and Present Structure

- Benetton - History and Present Structure When Luciano and Giuliana Benetton, both grown up under the harsh conditions of war and post war Italy, founded Benetton group in 1965, they probably did never dream that one day their company would among the most famous in the fashion industry. Yet, 34 years later, Benetton is present in 120 countries and Edizione Holding, the holding company of the family is now making a yearly turnover of XXX billion Lira[1]. Not at least due to their controversial advertising campaigns which sparked strong reactions around the world, from outright ban to art awards, Benetton has become known worldwide....   [tags: Papers]

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Universal Healthcare: Political And Social Obstacles

- Universal Healthcare: Political and Social Obstacles Many Americans are under the impression that the United States has the best health care system in the world. That may be true at many top medical centers but the disturbing truth is that this country, as a whole, lags well behind other advanced nations in delivering timely, effective, and affordable health care. This next presidential election might take the country in a new direction in terms of how our medical system is run. In fact “socialized medicine” has been mentioned numerous times in the current presidential debates....   [tags: Political Science]

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The Politics Of Trade In Steel

- The Politics of Trade in Steel 1. Does the World Trade Organization in this case represent a loss of U.S. national sovereignty. Why do you think the WTO sided with the European Union. I don't think the Work Trade Organization represents a loss of U.S. national sovereignty. The WTO in this case is simply doing its job – overseeing international trade and enforcing the agreement that all the WTO member nations including the United States signed. I think the World Trade Organization might have sided with the European Union because they felt that the U.S....   [tags: Steel Industry Trade Production]

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