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Incarceration and Private Prisons in the United States

- Under the auspices of President John F. Kennedy, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy ordered the permanent shut down of the infamous Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary on March 21, 1963. An island located approximately 2.5 kilometers off the coast of San Francisco, California; the federal prison was home to the most notorious criminals for over three decades. The island also revealed to the world the unsettling state of circumstance the United States Justice and prison system suffers under in modern times....   [tags: Discrimination, Legal System]

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Human Value Of Productivity During The United States

- Looking at the United States as a country that has the highest level of inequality than any other industrialized nation , certain factors are considered to be responsible. Different classes of citizens are apparent in the country that leads to a large gap between the rich and poor. Certain factors such as production and power influence the setup of the country 's economic stand and prosperity (Joseph 212). The different class of citizens ends up on two sides of the coin where there is the ruling class and the working class....   [tags: Working class, Social class, Wealth, Wage]

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Capitalism : A Love Story By Michael Moore

- In this essay, I will discuss how Marx’s Theory in the Communist Manifesto outlines how the Bourgeoisie supplies the proletariat with it’s own element of political and general education, which in the end, leads to the demise of the bourgeoisie and the capitalist class. In the movie, Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore, he clearly outlines contemporary issues that show how the capitalist class causes it’s own demise through it’s selfish focus on profit and how a united population can eradicate slavery....   [tags: Marxism, Capitalism, Means of production]

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The Triple Aim Approach For Health Care System

- The Triple Aim Approach During the past decade, many United States’ citizens worried that their health care system was increasingly more privatized. This worry became so prominent that many people feared the lower income families living in the country would soon not be able to receive any health care due to a combination of increasing costs and medical prioritization. However, health care professionals have made recent strides to halt this process of health care privatization and revert the health care system’s focus back to the entire population of the country....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Public health]

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The Life and Work of Milton Friedman

- “A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” (Milton Friedman). One of the most significant economists in the world is considered to be Milton Friedman. Milton Friedman, born on July 31, 1912, in New York, to a working-class family of Jewish Hungarian immigrants, was educated at Rutgers University and at the University of Chicago. Friedman is mostly known for his support for free markets, advocacy of capitalism, and as one of the most influential American economists of the twentieth century....   [tags: Milton Friedman, economy, ]

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Tamalpais Union High School District Budget Cuts

- Dear District Superintendant: The Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) is one of those districts that have seen fallen property values in Marin, dysfunctional, and fiscal chaos in Sacramento. As a result of the severe economic downturn and the devastating cuts to education from the state of California, the TUHSD needs to reduce operating cost by 20% within five years to have a balanced budget for the 2014-2015 school year. THUSD annual budget is $55 million dollars. Operations is half that, or $27.5 million....   [tags: Finance]

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Liu Xiaobo: Advocating Justice From Behind Bars

- In 2010, Liu Xiaobo became the third of all Nobel Peace Prize laureates in history to be honored in absentia while being imprisoned or prevented by his government to attend the awards ceremony. While the rest of the world cheered for his tireless advocacy against the Chinese government and their strict limitations on personal freedom, the Chinese government made sure to keep him locked up and censor any mention of him in the media as much as possible. The rightful winner of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, Liu Xiaobo, has been peacefully campaigning for free speech and democracy, and therefore does not deserve to be incarcerated as a political prisoner....   [tags: Social Studies]

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Water Shortages in China: Problems and Solutions

- Many people know that water is essential for human-being and it is not only valuable for health and life, but water is also important for industry and agriculture. Furthermore, use of water has a spiritual, cultural and recreational dimension. However, water resources are not infinite. Wide and inefficient use of water resources can lead to irreversible consequences, such as water shortage. This essay will firstly discuss the problem of water shortage on examples of developed and developing countries and include the diversification of the same issue in the different parts of the world....   [tags: Water Scarcity in China]

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Higher Education in a Changing Climate: Neoliberalism

- June 2011 marked a significant, albeit controversial period for academics in Great Britain when the New College of the Humanities (NCHUM) was unveiled to the public as the country’s first private institution of liberal arts (Gopal, 2012, p.383). Some, such as professor Grayling of Birkbeck College London, supported the college’s defense of the humanities courses through privatization, while many academics viewed the NCHUM as a business opportunity in response to students who sought an end to the public funding of liberal arts (Gopal, 2012, p.383)....   [tags: Policy, Humanities, College]

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Making Social Rights a Human Right

- This paper will discuss why social rights should be human rights. Poverty, capitalism, and government will be the motives used to explain why social rights should be considered human rights and be enforceable in a court of law. Although the costs of social rights would result in higher taxes, the benefits would far exceed the costs. It would greatly reduce the majority of poverty and crime as well as improve overall health within our society. Various aspects of social rights will be examined which include rights to food, health care, childcare, post-secondary education, housing and basic income....   [tags: Human Rights ]

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Economic Redemption in La Forja, Argentina

- Argentina, which was soon to become the economic powerhouse, quickly descends into a ghost town of abandoned factories and mass unemployment. President Carlos Menem transformed Argentina by selling out every public asset he could find; he privatized factories, and created many corporate handouts. The nation approved of Menem’s changes, and Washington said “This is the best thing ever” (The Take) What the citizens didn’t realize is that by transforming the nation this way, Menem was creating a capitalist wild west....   [tags: Capitalist Wild West, Cooperative Business]

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Correctional Facilities in The United States

- Throughout United States correctional history, it has been heavily debated as to whether or not prisons have positive effects on inmates and society. Today, many prisons attempt to have a positive impact on the lives of the inmates, while giving society the satisfaction on punishing criminals. The correctional system achieves this goal through the use of four techniques. The four techniques used by the correctional system include rehabilitation, deterrence, incapacitation, and retribution. These four methods work individually as well as collectively to produce felons who can be productive citizens of society....   [tags: Prisons, Rehabilitation Centers]

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The Pros and Cons of Agribusines

- I. Introduction Agriculture has long been a topic of interest and will continue due to the necessity of farming to supply a basic fundamental need – food. Farming is considered a stable economic activity as it provides products, jobs, and supplies to the local community as well as supporting the global infrastructure. The recent global economic conditions have caused an array of structural changes within the global infrastructure. These structure changes have directly impacted banking institutions, housing, lending processes, farming sectors, and privatization....   [tags: Agribusines]

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Impact of Globalization on Indian Economy

- Globalization is the new notion that has come to rule the world since the nineties of the last century with the end of the cold war. The frontlines of the state with increased reliance on the market economy and renewed belief in the private capital and assets, a process of structural alteration encouraged by the studies and influences of the World Bank and other International organisations have started in many of countries. Also Globalisation has brought in new avenues to developing countries. Greater access to developed country markets and technology transfer hold out promise improved productivity and higher living standard....   [tags: productivity, higher living standards, welfare]

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Awakening The Society From the Silence

- Awakening the society from the silence There are a number of ways to create silence and noise today is the most common way to create silence. The sound of silence connotes a meaning of our inability to communicate with one another in the midst of our own voice in which it builds barriers that separate people from others. The key for better relationship in people, community, society and the world is to challenge and fight for decentralization of power that ultimately leads to silence of the public....   [tags: Creating a Song, Sounds, Music, Lyrics]

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Social Development in the Global South

- ... Under an autocratic regime, the repression or weakness of the left, contributes to the lack of universal provision of social entitlements. According to their analysis, “authoritarianism had negative effects on education spending” (H&S 7) while democracy had a strong direct effect on poverty and inequality through investments on education. While democracy to them seems to be the most important factor influencing the provision and expansion of social entitlements, they however, made it clear that ‘long-term’ democracies are better off at providing social benefits (H&S 241) ....   [tags: causes of social entitlements]

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The Collapse Of The Berlin Wall

- The collapse of the Berlin wall led to the decline of communism in Europe, and by 1990 anti-communist strength grew in Latin America signaling the end of the Cold War and the beginning of a new, neoliberal period. The neoliberal period in Latin America is marked by the rise of democracy accompanied by free-market capitalism, globalization, and a resulting increase in social inequality. In 1996, peace agreements between the Guatemalan army and the URNG ended decades of armed conflict within a country dominated by bloodshed and militarization and offered promises of national unity, harmony, and solidarity....   [tags: United States, Cold War]

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Economic Growth And Development Of Australia

- Economic growth is an increase in capacity of an economy to produce goods and services, compared to from one period of time to another. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) found within in an economy is formally used as a measuring point for how an economy is growing or performing within its framework of economic components. Gross domestic product itself is the total market value of all final goods and services produced in an economy over a period of time. By utilizing the data presented from ones economic growth, individuals can determine the trends, precise statistics and the events to come within a country’s future in order to develop forecasts and decisions based on an economy’s current cour...   [tags: Economic growth, Economics, Gross domestic product]

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The Legacy Of Lyndon B. Johnson

- As the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson and his social reform known as the Great Society, came to a close in 1969, the emergence of neoliberalism appeared in the 1970’s. There was now a massive departure from social welfare reforms and an influx of conservative reforms that pinpointed a reduction in federal government supervision and the advocacy of privatization of public sectors. Furthermore, America shifted from a welfare state to a neoliberal state through the rise of conservative ideals and inflation....   [tags: President of the United States, Ronald Reagan]

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What's Best for the Environment?

- What is best for the environment. Edward O. Wilson’s book The Future of Life takes a satirical look at the two views of what the world needs and how they relate to humans. He alludes to the anthropocentric desires of “people- first” supporters, and the goals and solutions of left-wing environmentalists. Wilson portrays substantial rifts between the two groups which ultimately produce ineffective results due to the fact that they maintain preexisting stereotypes of their “opposition”, entirely distinct goals, and solutions which seek different sectors of development....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Democracy in Russia and China

- As post-communist countries struggle to modernize and adopt a democratic regime, Russia and China each face obstacles unique to their own political and historical context. The main findings of this paper reveal that economic and political liberalism are closely linked and that economic liberalization facilitates democratization. Thus the shortage (rather than surplus) of economic liberalization has contributed to Russia’s deficit of democracy and has been one of the major obstacles of democratization for Russia....   [tags: China]

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Private Military and Security Companies

- Private Military and Security Companies The modern Private Military and Security Company (PMSC) came to be after the end of the Cold War. An increase in government interest in privatization and outsourcing combined with an age of warfare where civilians and combatants were increasing difficult to differentiate created the perfect environment for PMSCs to expand (Singer). Although PMSCs play an integral role in providing basic services for the United States military, the extent of their role must be reevaluated because they have been criticized for unscrupulous financial practices and lack of accountability and transparency....   [tags: cold war, outsourcing, private contracts]

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The Problems with Water Desalination

- The average human can not live any longer than three days without water. Many of the world’s fresh water sources are running dry or are being contaminated, particularly in developing nations, leaving many without safe water to drink. Only two and a half percent of the Earth’s water is freshwater, and less than one percent is accessible by humans (not tied up in ice caps). This one percent of the Earth’s water supply is expected to sustain a population of over 7 billion people, each needing 2.6 liters a day to remain fully healthy, plus all of the water required for agriculture and industry....   [tags: water crisis, drinking water, developing nations]

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Change and Uncertainty in Russia

- Russia is arguably one of the largest and most powerful super powers in the world. After a 70-year span of a communist regime from Lenin, to Stalin, to the last official communist leader Mikhail Gorbachev, the Cold War and the USSR came to an end officially in 1991 with the falling of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. After the fall of the Soviet empire, the country had to go into a series of reforms from the political system having to change from communism to democracy or the economy changing from government controlled assets to a more free market economy....   [tags: berlin wall, communism, cold war]

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The Privileges Of The Parents

- Education privilege is a huge controversy in our time. To whom the privilege apply to, and to what extinct someone should go to earn a fine label in society. These are couple of the arguments that can go on for while without anyone indicating a final answer to it. Margaret A.Miller in “The privileges of the parents” argus about how important parents education and how it will affect their children. Putting out an idea that might not be so popular among people with Bachelor degrees or further education....   [tags: Higher education, College, High school, Education]

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The National Health Insurance Industry

- The health care prices had continued to consume national budget, even individuals the increasing health care cost with the rapid economic growth because money intended for development used for health care. The National Health Insurance (NHI) costs had gradually increased in the recent past, causing a major concern about the impact on individuals, service providers the government, the United States government had adopted the individual approach that had capitalized by nature, thus encouraging private insurance providers to compete for customers (Ubokudom, 2012)....   [tags: Health care, Health insurance, Health economics]

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The Future Of Corrections Policy

- The Future of Corrections The future of corrections is going to be impacted from everything from the national economy to the aging prison population. In this paper we will be covering the economic impact of corrections and how it will decide the course of corrections in the future. We shall also look into the aging population of prisons and the overcrowding based on this phenomenon. A look into the prison population as a whole as well as the community based corrections such as probation. The U.S....   [tags: Prison, Recidivism, Penology, Corrections]

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Lunch Time For The Average

- Lunch time for the average “nine to five” employee can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of the day. Restaurants and businesses like coffee shops realize this, so, they want to offer the best deals they can to garner their consumer’s attention. Four dollar meals and happy hour coffee deals satisfied hunger and the wallets of both the businesses and famished employees for what appears to be of little cost. Except, there is a cost and it is at the expense of nearly thousands of prisoners. Companies like Wendy’s or Starbucks benefit from labor provided by prisoners who, coincidently, get paid an average of four dollars a day....   [tags: Prison, Punishment, Recidivism, United States]

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Canada Health Act

- The Undermining of the Canada Health Act Abstract      In the past, Canada’s government-funded, universally accessible, health care system has been praised and admired both at home and abroad as one of the finest in the world. A great source of pride and comfort for many Canadians is that it is based on five fundamental principles. Principles that are a reflection of the values held by Canadian citizens since the formation of Medicare in 1966. These principles were reinforced in the Canada Health Act, (CHA), of 1984 and state that the Canadian system is universal, accessible, portable, comprehensive and non-profit....   [tags: essays research papers]

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My Goal-Personal Narrative

- My Goal-Personal Narrative My goal, upon finishing my graduate studies, was to obtain a position in a large corporation. I received and accepted an offer from Koc Holding, a diversified conglomerate, and began my professional career as a project engineer at the company's Energy and Environment group headquarters. I believe that the same perseverance and determination that enabled me to attain these goals will allow me to contribute my unique background to XXX's dynamic student body. In addition, I will share with my fellow students my unusual experiences, such as founding an Environment Club while at college, while drawing on my proven ability to motivate others towards a common goal....   [tags: Papers]

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The Fall of Communism

- The era that preceded the formation of the Soviet Union was earmarked with social unrest, famine, and failed governments. After many struggles, many smaller soviet republics joined to form a large conglomerate nation, known as the Soviet Union in 1922. Vladimir Lenin, leader at the time, replaced the failing capitalist government with a communist government. . At the end of WWII, most of Eastern and Central Europe’s countries were being occupied by the soviet army. They came to be controlled by the Soviet government and pulled back behind an “iron Curtain”....   [tags: Communism Essays]

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Financial Liberalization of Pakistan

- In 1974 all banks of the country were nationalized, with the objective of providing the capital for top priority projects or investments, and to ensure the depositor's capital safety. Although this step was taken for the socio-economic benefits, however, the required results could not be obtained. And under the public sector's ownership and supervision the banking sector proved inefficient (Haque 1997), which leads the lower saving and investment, so as a result economic growth decreased (khan and khan 2007)....   [tags: Economics Finance]

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The Need of Water

- I would like for each of us to stop and think for a second, what is the world without water. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is death, disease and starvation. Aside from that, I would like to say that everyone has the power to make a difference in this world. So as I take you through this journey of water sharing, remember that it’s for the better of the people. One thing that strikes me is how much this world is turning towards destruction. As more and more major companies in the U.S privatize water, I can only stop and say, “we got to put a stop to this!” Instead of sitting there and watching the world burn, we must make it known in our workplace....   [tags: Developing Countries, Piping System]

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Mexico City Water Shortage

- Caused by climate change and urbanization, water shortages are a major concern of the Mexican government at both the local and federal level. Mexico City, the third largest city in the world with more than twenty million inhabitants, struggles with water scarcity because of the potential risk it poses to the wellbeing of its citizens. Similar to the situation in other megacities, such as Jakarta and Bangkok, Mexico City’s water supplies are being depleted because of a growing urban population. (CBC News , 2009 ) Unable to sufficiently supply the increasing population size of the city, the water in the Mexico Valley aquifer is being drawn out faster than the aquifer’s recharge rate....   [tags: mexican government, climate change]

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Inside Job Movie Review

- The “Inside job” movie proves how neo- liberalism system has turned this world into a chaos. I find this movie very informative, hard to believe but it shows the reality of the world in which we live. The movie is structured into five parts which are: how we get here, the bubble, the crisis, accountability, and where we are now. The movie denounces how academic economic experts, politicians, and board of directors use their political influences on financial industry. Those experts are extremely corrupt and above all very selfish....   [tags: neo-liberalism turning world into chaos]

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Sri Lanka Post Independence

- ... Abeyratne (2004) provides a penetrating analysis of how lack-lustre economic performance during the era of economic dirigisme contributed to the onset of the conflict. There was, however, no retreat to the old control regime. In a decisive move to infuse momentum to the unfinished reform process, a significant ‘second wave’ liberalization package was implemented in 1990. This included an ambitious privatization program, further tariff cuts and simplification of the tariff structure, removing exchange controls on current account transactions and several important changes to the foreign investment policy framework in line with the increased outward orientation of the economy, and a more fl...   [tags: interventions, communists, ]

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A Five Year Development Plan for Russia

- A Five Year Development Plan for Russia This paper presents a five year national development plan for the Russian Federation. The plan I have created is a culmination of a semester's worth of research on the current state of affairs in Russia. Following a brief review of relevent history, recommendations spanning the course of the next five years will be made in three areas that are of particular concern: economic development, political reform, and the environment. Relevent history and a synopsis of the current situation will preceed the recommendations in each section....   [tags: Politics Government Soviet Union Essays]

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Economic Crime in Russia

- Economic Crime in Russia In Russia, where bureaucratic markets have been legalized, power and influence is highly monopolized, even by socialist "standards." Liberalization and privatization of prices and trade have led to a cutthroat battle for redistribution of and control over property, resources, and allocation channels, and also have fed economic crime. Types of Wrongdoing Economic crime is hardly a new phenomenon. As long as people have exchanged goods, they have cheated. With the rapid development of technology and communications and the explosive increase in financial interactions between people in the second part of the twentieth century, economic crime has become a hig...   [tags: essays papers]

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Business Entrepreneurs

- The entrepreneur is the pioneer, the managers the applier of existing best practices. The entrepreneur engages in strategic activity, the managers need to focus on tactical or operational activity. The entrepreneur formulates a strategy, the manager implements that strategy. Business success will depend on the continuing renewal and application of the entrepreneurial spirits. Business success depends on the application and an efficient management team. The attrition rate of any new business is extremely high....   [tags: Business Development]

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Case Study of Coastline Electrics, UK

- Introduction The changes endured by Coastline occurred in the very specific context of privatisation. In this perspective, clashes of paradigms are common, in particular in the way knowledge is viewed and exercised as well as between the past and present goals of companies engaged in such process. As described by Grey and Mitev (quoted in Wilson, 1995, p.59): “If ‘post-industrial society’ does offer the possibility of decentralization of work and industrial structures, as well as an increase in the quantity of information and/or knowledge, it is important to remember that these changes have emerged in particular circumstances, that is, the countervailing tendencies towards (re)centralizatio...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Globalization In Turkey

- Globalization is the concept through which regional markets join in using a universal network to improve governmental ideas via communication, transport and trade. The concept is closely related to that of economic globalization which integrates national economies into the international economy. Such integration is achieved by trade, foreign direct investment, capital flows, and migration. Bhagwati (2004) observes that at a higher level it can incorporate the spread of technology and military presence....   [tags: International Finance ]

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New Public Management

- New Public Management and Issues with it. Even though above section highlights the core fundamental of the new public management, and how it intends to change the landscape of the public administration when applied in a structured and planned way. Though there are several success stories around new public management inspired reforms of organizations associated with public administration, but what one notices first when looking at the public management and public administration framework is the difference, not the similarities between the two (Barzelay, 2001)....   [tags: public administration, public manager]

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Is the UK Public Sector Becoming the New Private Sector?

- Public sector servants in some parts of the UK have a higher salary that a private sector employee within the same region. A new study reveals that teachers, nurses and council workers earn nearly 15 percent more than private sector employees in similar cadre. The pay scale further varies depending on age, gender, qualification and experience. Even though the findings are true, leaders and unions oppose the revelation and term it as “misleading”. They even argue that such a comparison is helping people to use it as a mean to erode further their pay and work conditions....   [tags: salary, inequality, employees]

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Factors That Influenced the Global Financial Crisis of 2008

- Since the years of the great depression in the 1930s, the global financial crisis of 2008 is arguably the worst to have hit the world. The crisis began with the escalation of prices in the property market creating a liquidity crisis. It had massive consequences in varying sectors of the economy. The financial, property and mortgage sectors were hit hard by the crisis. Large financial institutions collapsed while stock markets experienced downturns. The period was characterized by government bailout stimulus packages to collapsed institutions and the financially ailing sectors of the economy....   [tags: economy, stock market, financial]

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Corporate Governance: The South Pacific Stock Exchange

- Introduction The South Pacific Stock Exchange (hereafter SPSE) also adopted the principle-based corporate governance code in 2009 with a view to enhance investor participation and confidence in the capital market in Fiji. The SPSE listing rules Section 6.42 require all listed companies to comply with the corporate governance code as stipulated under the Reserve Bank of Fiji (hereafter RBF) corporate governance principles and reporting guidelines (SPSE, 2010). Corporate governance is the broad term that describes the process, laws, policies, customs, and institutions which provide guidance for the organizations and corporations in the way they manage, operate, and control their operations....   [tags: capital market, financial market]

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Telefonica: A Spanish Telecommunication Business

- Spain’s Telefonica a state owned national telecommunications monopoly which was established in the 1920’s, made many changes in the political and economic environment that allowed them to start expanding globally. One of these changes that were brought forward, was that the Spanish government privatized Telefonica in the 1990’s. Economically they could keep expenses low and they would get more revenue, which in turn would generate more profit. The Spanish government also deregulated the Spanish telecommunication market....   [tags: Mobile, Technology, Latin America]

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The Issues Of Kansas

- The Issues Of Kansas Kansas is a very peculiar place, politically speaking, as seen in Thomas Frank’s book “What’s the Matter With Kansas”. The big political question Frank attempts to answer is why do so many people vote against their social and economic interest in the US. Why is it that many people from Kansas, who were of the poor-working class, choose to vote republican when it is not in their best interest. Upper class, republicans have manipulated the people of Kansas into thinking that they have their best interest at heart, when in reality all they promote is privatization, deregulation, and monopolies in every industry such as cows and meatpacking....   [tags: Rural, Republicans, Politics]

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Should the Australian Government Privatize Medibank?

- Medibank is Australia’s largest private healthcare insurer and one of the leading services provider created by Australian Government in 1976. It has been operating as government commercial business since then, though 30% was sold to private sector. The complete sale of Medibank will promote more competition within the healthcare industry and drive better outcomes for all Australians. The government role in relations to private ownership is that, it will regulate the businesses and allow them to operate according to the plan....   [tags: healthcare, insurance, commercial business]

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The History, Use, Impacts, and Moral Challenges of Bio-Fuel Technology on Brazil and Its People

- The History, Use, Impacts, and Moral Challenges of Bio-Fuel Technology on Brazil and Its People As the largest country in South America and the fifth largest country in the world, it should come as no surprise that Brazil is a leader in Bio-Fuel Technology. This paper seeks to uncover the major impacts that this technology has on the country of Brazil and its people. A Brief Overview of Brazil Colonized in 1500 by Pedro Alvares Cabral of Portugal, Brazil has suffered much turmoil in its quest to become an independent nation....   [tags: Bio Fuel Technology]

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Business Development Policy of the Post-Socialist States of Central and Eastern Europe

- Business Development Policy of the Post-Socialist States of Central and Eastern Europe DISSERTATION PROPOSAL 1. Title of Dissertation: Small & Medium Business Development Policy of the Post-Socialist States of Central and Eastern Europe in their Transition to an Open Market Economy: Lessons and Applications for Cuba. 2. Aim of Dissertation & Motivation for Research: The objective of this dissertation is to study the small and medium business policies developed in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as a result of their transition to an open market economy....   [tags: Open Market Economy Economics Cuba Essays]

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A Study of the Market Reforms in Post-Communist Eastern Europe

- A Study of the Market Reforms in Post-Communist Eastern Europe Introduction Poland, as well as it's fellow post-communist countries, face an arduous task in re-inventing their economies to match the dominant Western style currently dominating the world. The difficulties lie in the areas of ideology, structural needs (massive changes required), world recession(current) and debt load. Communist Economics Why did the economics of the communist bloc fail so miserably. Why has every single socialist, fascist, communist and other non-democratic country had to implement economic change in order to survive....   [tags: Economics Poland Economy Essays]

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A Case Study of the International Finance Corporation in Nigeria

- IFC Mission- ‘To promote sustainable private sector investment in developing countries.’ “The World Bank’s role, in my opinion, is to help improve the business environment in the developing countries so that the private sector can drive growth.”- Mr. Peter Woicke, Executive Vice President of the World Bank Group (WBG) in charge of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) - Lagos, August 2004. At the time Mr. Woicke was speaking, IFC involvement in Nigeria had reached $200million in investment commitments, a figure quickly surpassed in less than a year from that date (as at June 2005, IFC investment in Nigeria was to the tune of $290million)....   [tags: Economics Business Case Study Essays]

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Canadas Declining Health Care System and the Brain Drain

- Canadas Declining Health Care System and the Brain Drain Canada's government-funded health care system in under attack. Despite the mandate of the Canada health act, which was meant to assure universality, comprehensiveness, equitable access, public administration and portability of our health care system, (Braithwaite 17), Canadians today make the issue of health care their most important political concern. One of the biggest crises the Canadian health care system faces is for strange reasons not in the spotlight when debating the issues, that is the brain drain-Canada losing highly skilled physicians and health care workers to other countries like the U.S....   [tags: essays papers]

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Foreign Direct Investment: Evolutions and Trends in Developing Nations

- The world economy has evolved over the past few decades in an extreme fashion, regarding investment in particular and the way globalized enterprises are now investing in the developing world to increase their production, assets, and interconnected market networks (Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries, Finance and Development/March 1999). As a result of the changing trends of Foreign Direct Investment, developing countries have either benefited from them or stood behind others without any progress....   [tags: Management]

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Analysis of Religion and Globalization by Peter Beyer

- This work investigates the implications of theories of global change for the study of religion generally and, through a series of case studies, applications of those theories to specific religious movements. In particular, Beyer is interested in the seeming contradiction of the persistence of conflict between social units within a globalizing world that is more and more becoming a "single place." The first half of his book, the introduction and four chapters, is taken up with theoretical definitions of religion as a social system and the position of that social system with regard to other systems....   [tags: Religion and Globalization]

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Vouchers, School Choice and the Public's Interest

- School Choice and the Public's Interest Recent trends toward privatizing schools and relieving them of state requirements wrongly imply that schools should mirror the desires of parents and ignore the public's interest in having citizens educated for democracy. Rob Reich, who recently earned his doctorate in philosophy of education at Stanford, is writing a book on school vouchers, charter schools and home schooling. Reich stated his view that the nation is slipping too far into deregulated schooling....   [tags: Persuasive Argumentative Essay Examples]

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Indigenous Rights in Mexico and Central America

- Indigenous Rights in Mexico and Central America Introduction The injustice surrounding the Indigenous populations in Mexico and Central America began with the Spanish colonies in the sixteenth century, and the struggle for their land and constitution rights has been an ongoing battle for hundreds of years. The indigenous people take up a large part of the population in Mexico and Central America. (See Table 1; Graph 1 below). Indigenous people make up of over 16 percent of the Mexican population, and over 66 percent of the population is indigenous in Guatemala....   [tags: History Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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John Dewey's Criticisms of Traditional Philosophy

- Dewey's Criticisms of Traditional Philosophy ABSTRACT: In this paper I address some of John Dewey’s more generally applicable criticisms of the philosophic "tradition," and show how his criticisms stem from his naturalistic approach to philosophy. This topic is important because Dewey gives great insight into discussions that are relevant today regarding the role of philosophy. In 1935 he anticipated many of the criticisms of the "later" Wittgenstein regarding the establishment of post facto standards as a cause, the separation of language from behavior and the privatization of mind—yet Dewey still finds use for metaphysics or "thinking at large." I believe the essence of Dewey’s criticism...   [tags: Philosophical Philosophy Essays]

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The Internet and the Justice System

- The Internet and the Justice System I. Introduction. The American legal system has faced many challenges in the past century, mainly due to population growth throughout the nation. The American ‘way-of-life’ has also changed significantly as a result. The legislative and judicial systems need to adapt to these developments. These include advances in information technology, particularly the Internet. This expanding communication network has created different behavioral patterns within our society....   [tags: Government Judicial Web Cyberspace Essays]

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Understanding Social Welfare of Hong Kong

- Understanding Social Welfare of Hong Kong Hong Kong has a unique history, governing system and economy. These three unique features are crucial to an understanding of the social welfare in the territory. In this essay, I will illustrate the development of social welfare in Hong Kong during different periods. At the end of the paper, I would take a look at the changing attitude of Hong Kong people towards the social policy. Before World War II In this period, the term 'social welfare' refers to limited social security and social services....   [tags: Papers]

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The Global Drinking Water Shortage

- " We never know the worth of water till the well is dry." -- Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia #5451 (1732) While it is the single most important substance on earth, we usually don’t think about water other than when we’re thirsty. Most homes have at least two indoor faucets. Almost every public building has water fountains conveniently placed for easy, instant refreshment....   [tags: Potable Water Scarcity]

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Our Current Health Care System

- There are many Americans in the United States that do not have health care. To be exact forty-three million Americans are uninsured. Health care should not only be offered, but affordable for all. Some of the biggest problems with our health care system right now are the unbearable cost of insurance premiums, denial of services due to costs or loss of coverage because of lay off or changing of jobs. Late in 2003 and continuing into the early part of 2004, seventy thousand workers went on strike their health care benefits....   [tags: Health Care Benefits Insurance Essays]

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The Baldios

- The baldios are an ancient tradition in Portugal, which dates back to the Middle Ages, as a privilege endowed to the inhabitants of each village, acknowledged in the royal rolls. In a feudal economy, the commons were a necessary resource to enable growers to obtain firewood and pasture, assuring their subsistence. Until the late 18th century, the commons were properties that could not be subject of individualization. However, some laws enacted by Pombal and D. Maria I, tended to misunderstand the differences between the commons and municipal properties, which gradually led to the disentailment of the commons (1869)....   [tags: History, Portugal]

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Should the Australian Government Privatize Medibank?

- Medibank is Australia’s largest private healthcare insurer and one of the leading service providers created by the Australian Government in 1976. It has been operating as a government, business since then, though 30% of it was sold to the private sector. The complete sale of Medibank will promote more competition within the healthcare sector and drive better outcomes for all Australians. The government’s role in relation to private ownership is to regulate the businesses and allow them to operate according to the legislation put in place....   [tags: private sector, business, public properties]

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Privatizing the Public Sphere

- Privatizing the Public Sphere The privatization and fragmentation of space in post-industrial urban America is a widespread social problem. As society becomes even more globalized as a result of technological advances, the rampant spread of a privatized public realm is ever-increasing. Public space is needed as a center in which to bring people together to share a common place. It is within public spaces that public life unfolds and without public spaces such as parks, streets, and buildings, the mixing of classes will become increasingly uncommon....   [tags: Industrialization Fragmentation Essays]

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The Economy of Romania

- The Economy of Romania Before World War II, the Romanian economy was primarily agricultural. In 1948 the Communist government came to power and took control of nearly all aspects of the economy. Through a series of five-year plans, the Communists transformed Romania into an industrial nation. The economy grew considerably during the first part of the Communist period, but by the 1980s it had slid into decline, and shortages of consumer goods and degradation of the environment had become widespread....   [tags: Papers]

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Overview of Airline Industry

- Overview of Airline Industry Air travel has grown in the past decade. Travel grew strongly for both leisure and business purposes. India will have nearly 800 to 1000 airplanes by 2023, it was estimated by Airbus. In spite of growth between 30 to 50 per cent in Indian aviation industry, losses of approximately 2200 crore is estimated for the current year. During 19991-1992, Modiluft, East West and Damania went bankrupt. Air Sahara and Jet Airways survived along with government own Indian Airlines because they had the capability to bear losses....   [tags: Aviation Airline Industry Analysis]

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Airline Industry

- One of the world’s most competitive and prominent industries is the airlines industry. It generates huge amounts of income as well as employment each year. Some of the common names in US air travel service providers are Alaska, Northwest, Southwest, US airways, American etc. According to the latest statistics given by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the airline sector will post a profit of $9 billion in 2011. After the recent credit crunch, economies are now coming back to normal, business travel is increasing and investments in the airlines are now rising....   [tags: Transportation, Commercial Aviation]

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Cuban Reform

- Since the Cuban revolution, Cuba has been characterized as having a powerful centralized government and as being socialist in nature. Fidel Castro maintained leadership of Cuba from 1959 until 2008 and guarded Cuba away from capitalistic ideology. Throughout his presidency, he was able to curtail the establishment of privatization and economic liberalization. For instance, as late as 2006 the public sector made up 78% of the economy and the private sector only made up 22% of the economy (Oxfam)....   [tags: International Government ]

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Soviet Union

- The general perspective of the Soviet Union was that the country was a dictatorship, specifically, an oppressive, brutal, top-down autocracy that guided all aspects of life of its people. From grocery stores having set quantities of goods, only purchasable by ration card, to strict, set times of work and off-duty hours, to censored press, The Soviet Union was indeed a dictatorial state. However, the people of the Soviet Union did not simply fall into line with the established rules of society- They had diaries, they wrote down their opinions about the government or their job, they wrote detailed memoirs of their life within the USSR....   [tags: Dictatorship, History, World War II]

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Social Insecurity

- As the saying goes, saving money for rainy days, in other word preserve the summer harvest so there is food to eat in the long winter months. There is something naturally human about our need for security to have something on hand just in case. In 1935 the social security act was born from just such a need, when American was in crisis, so now with the current projections pointing to the crisis in social security, experts believe that by 2037, the social security trust fund will be exhausted. The birth of the social security program started as a measurement to implement “social insurance” during the great depression of the 1930s, when the New York stock exchange crash in 1929 America then sl...   [tags: Social Security]

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Transition of the Bulgarian Economy: 1990-1997

- Transition of the Bulgarian Economy: 1990-1997 The immense political and economic changes in Central and Eastern Europe have created a variety of unique transition economies. Each country controlling its own development without fully understanding the implications of the monetary and fiscal macroeconomic policies it yields. Bulgaria in particular has had mixed results. A 1992 OECD Economic Assessment of Bulgaria described “shock therapeitic” reform programs that included the abolition of central planning, the liberalization of most prices, and opening more markets to foreign trade....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Should Australian Government Privatise Medibanks?

- Should Australian Government privatise medibanks. Introduction Medibank Private is Australians Government owned company which was formed by the Labor party of Australia in June 1976. In October 1976, it starts operation under the Fraser government. It main purpose was to provide private medical and hospital insurance in all sectors to overcome the existing health insurance. The medibank private operator was the Health Insurance Commission (HIC) (Cavill, 2014) Medibank private is the larger health insurance in Australia with around 3.8 million members....   [tags: health insurance]

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To what extent has the conservative’s party changed since the electio of David Cameron as its leader?

- The conservative party has been in existence since the 1670s and was first called the ‘Tories’, a term used by the Scottish and Irish to describe a robber. This party is a right- wing party which believed in conserving the tradition and the king, as the name entails. David Cameron, the current party leader became the leader in 2005. He is also the present prime minister of Great Britain and he has made a lot of changes since he became the leader of the party. In this essay, I will talk about the history of the party, looking into detail at their gradual changes or transition in ideology and the various changes that David Cameron has made to the party’s image and beliefs....   [tags: U.S. Politics ]

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The Role Cultural Factors Play in a Country's Progress Towards a Liberal Democracy

- Russia would be best classified under an illiberal democracy. The citizens vote on one party with a list of regional representatives. Citizens are free to choose between multiple party's that suits their political opinions. Russia has yet to experience a real transfer of power from one political party to another so many citizens appreciate how it’s currently operating. Along with a free and fair election, an illiberal democracy must have its government powers unchecked. There hasn't been any limit on how much power Russia's government can hold....   [tags: Government]

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A Degree for Sale: Can private higher education dis-empower the Sri Lankan Youth?

- A significant majority of academics, professionals, students and members of the public severely condemns the use of higher education as a commercial product and the legitimization of a trade-oriented definition vis-à-vis the government’s intention to grant approval for private universities/ higher education institutes. This paper intends to examine whether and how private higher education could empower or disempower the Sri Lankan youth as claimed by parties who strongly advocate and condemn it....   [tags: Education]

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Pakistan took too many loans from IMF which actually was not needed

- The topic of my research essay is “Pakistan took too many loans from IMF which actually was not needed”. Pakistan did not need any foreign financial assistance and was able to handle the setbacks. In my essay, first of all I will tell you that what IMF is and what is his role in the world. Secondly, I will tell you that how and when Pakistan took his loans from IMF and what were the conditions set by IMF authorities. And then I will tell you the condition of Pakistan at the time of its first structural adjustment program....   [tags: International Finance ]

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The Upcoming Development of Liberal Democracies in Mexico and Russia

- Democracy: A political system in which citizens enjoy a number of basic civil and political rights, and in which their most important political leaders are elected in free and fair elections and accountable under a rule of law (26). In the studies we have undertaken, comparing and exploring various countries and systems politically, economically, and psychologically throughout the quarter, this outcry of democracy has prevailed as a main theme. Successful countries such as the United States and Great Britain are based upon such democratic ideals....   [tags: government]

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Protecting Privacy and Securing the Nation in the 21st Century

- The idea of privacy protection for private citizens is rooted in history back to the Magna Carta. With the passage of time and the evolution of communication the laws of the United States have attempted to ensure a balance between security of the nation and protecting privacy. The current state of privacy and the law is now in a state of flux as citizens have begun to rely more and more on technological means of communication and have integrated privacy invading technology into their daily lives....   [tags: National Security]

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Disparities in Global Health Care Between Poor and Wealthy Nations

- Despite phenomenal improvement in global health care during the last three decade, there is still strong sign that a great disparities exist between poor and wealthy nations. Whereby cases such women are dying of post-partum haemorrhage, children dying of preventable illness such as pneumonia and diarrhoea or someone stepping on land mine in old war zones indicates the harsh reality that less fortunate people have to deal with. Obviously there is no biological reason why a person born in Mozambique should have a shorter life expectancy than a person born in America....   [tags: Global Health Care]

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