Science Is The Only True Reality Essay

Science Is The Only True Reality Essay

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Scientific Realism is the view that the world that science identifies is the only true reality. This is entirely independent of what we may view as real. For instance, a divine deity in America is God. To some here, he is Yahweh. To others, he is a she named Venus, Lilith, the Sacred Feminine, etc. In other parts of the world, this creator being is Allah. In others he is Jehovah, Krishna, Ra, etc. This is not only true regionally, but chronologically as well.
However, in America 2+2=4, in India 2+2=4, and on the moon 2+2=4. 2+2=4 no matter where you are in space and time, and it is a simple concept that even a small child with no linguistic skill can understand. This small truth transcends all religious and ideological differences.
It is this fundamental relationship of quantities that allows us to reduce everything into axiomatic systems that can be used to describe, identify, and explain everything that exists. Furthering these simple basic concepts we can see, by way of Hypothetical Deductive Modeling, that anything in nature can be explained and modeled to produce accurate and precise predictions of phenomena and even control such systems.
I feel, at this point, that it is important to discuss Axiomatic Accounts and what they mean to Hypothetical Deduction.
In order to understand the axiom account of scientific theories let us first define axiom. An axiom is something, a theory in this case, that is self-evident. It is, therefore, accepted as true without question. For instance, a line can be drawn from any point to another one. This is an oversimplification of one of Euclid’s axioms. If we were observe the formation of a line in any way this generalization will always be confirmed. In a sense, an axiom is a generally accep...

... middle of paper ... or occult mystery provided that the theories are grounded in axiomatic accounts and arithmetically reductive. Such phenomena that have no Natural Laws assist in the deduction of initial inquiries or conclusions can still be deduced by means of Hypothetical-Deductive Modeling, again providing that the hypothesis be reductive and axiomatic.
In conclusion, I am no philosopher, and barely an amateur scientist. I am merely a student studying said subject to meet a requirement for my degree. If I have taken any liberties not allowed, credit undeserved, or have not addressed any possible problems with my logical reasoning I invite those who read this to bring them to light. As a matter of fact, I ask for your scrutiny and critical analysis, and will appreciate the privilege. After all, Scientific Instrumental Realism would not be scientific if it was not falsifiable.

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