Essay on The Relationship Between Critical Thinking And Ethics

Essay on The Relationship Between Critical Thinking And Ethics

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Critical Thinking and Ethics

The relationship between critical thinking and ethics are essential to the ongoing cycle of discovery, intention, and action, which are the embodiment of the process of thinking critically. Applying ethical principles in correlation with critical thinking to an abstracted set of instances and occurrences is fundamental to the discovery of a definitive solution to any situation that requires efficacious problem-solving and decision-making skills. It is beneficial to employ critical thinking and ethical values daily because they encourage integrity, equality, rationality and successful ventures.

Defining the Process of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking involves: “Sorting out conflicting claims, weighing the evidence, letting go of personal biases, and arriving at reasonable conclusions.” (Ellis, 2015, p. 205). Additionally, it is the ability to assert accurate questions, contemplate upon a slew of potential remedies, as well as investigate these findings for logic and evidence. According to respected psychologist Benjamin Bloom, there’s a totality of six levels that formulate the critical thinking process.
They are as follows:

1. REMEMBERING - able to recant a previous observation.

2. UNDERSTANDING - proficient with providing examples of suggestions inspired by your personal experiences, along with the capacity to recapitulate your examples.

3. APPLYING - involves these key points: "apply, solve, construct, plan, predict, and produce." (Ellis, 2015, p. 56).

4. ANALYZING - mastering the following skills: "classify, separate, distinguish, and outline." (Ellis, 2015, p. 56).

5. EVALUATING - to concur with another 's idea. Alternatively, to demonstrate that you are capabl...

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...Be productive in your work
• Be loyal to stakeholders
• Fairly mete out blame
• Embrace Civility
• Be ethically courageous
• Do not endanger others
• Follow community rules
• Show leadership
• Seek justice based on truth
• Desire individual balance
• Practice rational decision-making
• Put others’ interest ahead of your own

Hence, the influence of ethical values per the progression of critically thinking is evident, as each of the above-highlighted guidelines represents the central goals of both topics. The combination of these facts explains the significance regarding the extent of how ethics applies to decision-making, along with professional and societal responsibilities, as well. Each has a role in the ongoing cycle, of which rely on one another to prosper.

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