Problems and Solutions in The Internet's Early Days Essay

Problems and Solutions in The Internet's Early Days Essay

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“The Net’s beginnings went largely unnoticed by the public. For all its technological brilliance, the Internet of today is far removed from the concepts that propelled initial research. And the Internet’s story- which has become the World Wide Web’s story- has not been so much one of planned development as of individual genius, at least until recently.” (Gilster. 1997).
Indeed the Internet is one of the best phenomenons that happened in the 21st century, however many users think that the Internet means the World Wide Web, yet it is not as same as the web. Basically the Internet links one network to another to route applications and other kind of forms.
The story of how the Internet broadcast has been developed, was at the Cambridge University by some of the computer scientists who built in a video camera at the coffee machine area to see if there was any available coffee in the room without wasting their time walking up and downstairs to the coffee machine room every day. They had been using this video camera for ten years, then they produced more research regarding this until they started to create the web and developed it. (Cavendish, 2006).

This essay will discuss; the user problems that were addressed by their invention of the World Wide Web and the solutions that it presented, furthermore and why we need the web as the impact that happened about the web in such a short time?
Basically the web is a service that has been used through the Internet network, as like many other kind of services, however the World Wide Web became very popular when it arrived in the 1980s by its inventor Tim Berners-Lee, because the technology of the computer networks has been developing effectively and repeatedly. Furthermore, the web beca...

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...n, Orion Business.
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