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Memorable Day

Drip, drop, drip, drop; it’s the sound of light rain on the window of my small, cramped hotel room in New York City. I pray that the sound will just drift away to nothingness and bring back the heavy sounds of the city. I wait patiently in the early morning darkness, which the rain has brought to my window waiting for some kind of sign of a hot New York day. Of all the days to rain, why did it have to be this day? The one full day I have to spend in New York and get to know the city. The plans of walking, sightseeing, and browsing the many stores have come to an end due to the loud sounds of big fat rain drops hitting the pavement. The rain, which only moments before was small with a promise of stopping soon, was now coming down hard and fast, drenching everything in its path. As my husband and I walk towards the entrance of the hotel, all we saw was a wave of umbrellas blocking out the site of the streets, but leaving an intricate pattern of color in its place.

After purchasing a couple of umbrellas, Todd and I decided to try and brave the rain and continue our plans to tour the big Apple, but one step outside of the hotel had us hailing a cab and heading off to do what most people do on a rainy day. Todd and I asked the cab driver to head over to the Metropolitan Museum. Now, everyone goes to a museum once or twice every few months, because people can’t seem to get enough of old dinosaur’s bones and other naturalistic pieces behind plated glass. I have been told by many that a typical museum visit is fine, but a visit to the Metropolitan is a site to behold. After being dropped off in front of an old classic building I knew in that moment that the rain gave me a precious gift. After all, when it c...

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...ll say there are some very unusual paintings we saw at the Met. I sometimes wonder what an artist is seeing when they are painting.

Our day had to come to an end because there are only so many hours in a day. As my husband and I step out of history and back into reality we see that the rain has subsided just long enough to begin a nice stroll through central park. As my husband and I begin walking back to our hotel we start to share what parts of the museum we liked the best. The exhibit we liked the best was the medieval time period, because there is just so much interesting history behind this period. I can’t believe it has been almost a year since that trip to New York, but I can still remember my experiences at the Metropolitan Museum. I was able for just one day to travel from time period to time period viewing wonderful pieces from all over the world.

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