The Open Internet : The Internet Of Toasters ( And Other Things ) Essay

The Open Internet : The Internet Of Toasters ( And Other Things ) Essay

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Based on this, it is quite clear the IPv6 will be necessary to address such an influx of devices to the system. As stated in the article “Appliance Science: The Internet of Toasters (and other things)” (2015), many household appliances already have the capability to connect to the Internet through built-in “low-power signals that are similar to the Wi-Fi signals of your existing home network”. All that is needed to connect these devices is a “central gateway” and then devices will be able to talk to one another.
However, a difficulty in connecting these devices is that they do not all speak the same language. That is, as the system currently stands, a device from one company does not necessarily “speak” the same language as another device; consider the different languages of IPhone and Android smartphone devices. The only way devices will be able to communicate fully is if companies are able to coordinate their efforts.
In the article, “The Open Internet: What it is, and How to Avoid Mistaking it for Something Else” (2014), it is suggested that the “Internet must be globally coordinated in order for the system to work” (pg. 7). The authors of this article propose that since there is a lack of policy currently governing the “open internet” there must be a coordinated effort amongst institutions. Briefly, the idea of openness refers to the transparency, “open invitation” style participation, unlimited accessibility, and the potential for vulnerability (pg. 3). The article recommends that a “voluntary bottom-up agreement” is necessary in order to make the Internet function more smoothly. In order for something as vast as IoT to work, there must be a level of collaboration, keeping in mind the potential benefit such technology holds ...

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...practices” are important, there should be “weighted consideration of the projected benefits of any new development alongside the costs of regulatory interventions aimed at preemptively addressing perceived (and in some cases entirely hypothetical) fears“ (pg. 1). While policy is important, too much policy risks stunting the potential progress of something as impactful as IoT. He suggests that while it is reasonable to have concerns regarding privacy and security, there is a huge profit potential, as previously seen in Figure 4 of the Appendix.
For both industry and consumers, there is huge value potential. From the industry’s point of view, manufacturers have the potential to receive “real-time and long-term analytics of usage data from connected products on the demands and behavior of product users”, which in turn, has the potential for “dramatic impact on sales and

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