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Norse Mythology And Chinese Mythology Essay

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Norse Mythology & Chinese Mythology

By: Chris Singer

Both Norse and Chinese mythology have similarities when it comes to the creation of the universe and the titles of some of their gods. This is amazing since these two cultures were so far apart. Another thing that makes this incredible is the fact that the people of ancient China were very private people and are shrouded in secrecy.
The Norse story of creation begins with nothing but chaos and darkness. Then the elemental fires of Muspelheim combined with the ices of Nifheim caused the giant Ymir to emerge. As Ymir began to sweat, more giants were born. As more of the ice melted away a giant cow emerged and she uncovered the god, Buri. Buri then had a son named Bor who married the giant Bestla who gave birth to Odin, Vili and Ve (McCoy). Then Odin and his brothers decided to kill the great giant Ymir and the universe was created from his corpse. His blood created the oceans, his skin and muscles made the ground, plants were created from his hair, clouds from his brain, and the sky from his skull (McCoy).
The Chinese story of creation is similar in that in the beginning there was only chaos. Then Yin and Yang which are the two vital forces of the universe created Pan Gu inside of a giant egg. In that egg he slept for 18,000 years until he awoke and split the egg in half. The upper half of the shell became the heavens and the sky, the lower half became the earth. Pan Gu held the two halves of the egg apart for another 18,000 years to prevent them from coming back together. In this time he grew ten feet per day constantly holding the two halves of the egg apart until the two halves of the egg were secure. When Pan Gu died his various body parts created the ear...

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...hings, then you might just destroy yourself in the process. The moral behind the story of Monkey is not to be greedy and except what you have, because if you reach for too much, you could overreach and end up in trouble.
In conclusion, Norse and Chinese mythologies have similarities, but they also have their differences. They both have a story of creation that starts out with chaos, and ends with the world forming after the death of a giant. They also use the tales of their trickster gods of to teach lessons. However, they differ in the lesson that is learned in the stories of their gods.

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