Mythology and How It Affects Society Essay

Mythology and How It Affects Society Essay

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Mythology has been used in a multitude of ways since the beginnings of civilization as it provided mankind explanation for natural occurrences: harvest time and the changing of the seasons, natural disasters: earthquakes and storms, and life events: birth and death, but was also used to simply provide entertainment. Another huge role that mythology played a part in was the explanation of how the earth and all its people were created and why. This formed the structure for many societies as they could attain some kind of understanding as to what was happening in the world around them. As a result, humans brought about the creation of some very popular religions as the gods, whom they worshipped, were often referred to in the mythology of particular societies and can even be seen here in modern society in various forms of media and entertainment and had a strong influence in the creation of current world religions.
Greek mythology was and still is one of the most widely known cultural history due to its influence and switching stands on a patriarchal and matriarchal rule and worship. It is also better known because they thrived in every aspect of a community that one could expect from such an old civilization. The way the Greeks depicted mythology taught many lessons and allowed their crops to be abundant, art to flourish, and order to be maintained and the reason why mythology held so much influence was because it established an order. It provided a faith for people to believe in and it held them to their morals for fear of punishment by the gods in the myths. Greek mythology also allowed for entertainment as some tales were told for children and usually contained some type of hidden lesson.
Similar to others, the roots of Greek m...

... middle of paper ... will always provide it with a type of understanding and entertainment that stems from mankind’s imagination.

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