Essay on The Muses of Greek mythology

Essay on The Muses of Greek mythology

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The Muses are the Greek goddesses who preside over the arts and sciences and inspire those who excel at these pursuits. Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, goddess of memory. They were the personification of poetic inspiration which hypothetically drifted itself into the poet's mind. The Muses of Greek mythology had one of the most important functions of all, which was to inspire poets and promote the arts and sciences. The fortunate person inspired by them was praised amongst everyone and were viewed superior than your common individual.
There are many different myths about the muses. At first it was said that there were only three original Muses, Aoide meaning song or voice, Melete meaning practice or occasion and Mneme meaning memory. These 3 were thought to be fathered by Apollo. In time there were nine muses, each providing over some form of literature, art, or science The nine Muses are the daughters of the Zeus and of Mnemosyne the goddess of memory. Mnemosyne slept with Zeus nine consecutive nights and gave birth to nine daughters. One myth says that they were given to the God Apollo and Nymph Eufime and were charged with the responsibility of inspiring poets and musicians and promoting the arts and sciences. Another myth says the nine goddesses were seated on Mt. Olympus near the throne of Zeus were they were responsible for the arts and sciences.
Many worshipped the muses and would go to them for inspiration. They would leave gift or sacrifices were they resided. The gifts would consist of water, milk, or honey. They were said to worship Apollo, the God dearest to them, they were his faithful followers. When they grew up they showed their tendency to the arts, taught by God Apollo himself. Apollo was often called the Museg...

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... in love. She is depicted holding a lyre, love arrows and bows. Polyhymnia the Muse of sacred poetry, hymns and eloquence. She was the protector of the divine hymns and mimic art, she invented geometry and grammar. She is depicted looking up to the Sky, holding a lyre or being very serious, in meditation and pensive. Urania the Muse of Astronomy and Astronomical Writings. She is the protector of the celestial objects and stars, she invented astronomy. It was said she was able to tell the future by the arrangement of the stars. She was depicted bearing stars with a bow compass and a celestial globe which she is pointing to with a rod. Lastly, Thalia the Muse of comedy. She was the protector of comedy. She discovered comedy, geometry, architectural science and agriculture. She was also protector of Symposiums. She was always depicted holding a theatrical comedy mask.

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