The Lack Of Critical And Imaginative Thinking Within The Post Secondary Academic Institutions

The Lack Of Critical And Imaginative Thinking Within The Post Secondary Academic Institutions

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Major and Subordinate Claims
The paper provides an analysis of the lack of critical and imaginative thinking within the post-secondary academic institutions. The major claim presented in the article makes the assumption that post-secondary academic institutions do not have the curriculum or the ability to provide training for critical or creative thinking. The reason for the inability to provide this training is due to a few reasons that become the author’s subordinate claims. The subordinate claims are also assumptions that state that the structure of academia cannot be overcome and that old habits are engrained and planted within the teaching community. The subordinate claims include the idea that teachers do not possess the understanding of how to teach critical thinking and that most teachers already think that they are teaching critical and creative thinking within their structured courses. The last subordinate claim is a generalized statement that teachers will not change from a passive approach of teaching to a more active teaching approach that would be required to teach critical thinking. These claims were made very clearly and were not driven very deep. The information was presented but was not explored and left the reader with a dry feeling of having information just thrown at them with no weight behind it, and without any substance to digest.
The type of claim being made by the author was one of argument form principle which took hold of a popular idea and framed his thoughts around an existing understanding. The problem with the approach was that it did not prove anything about the actual claim that there was actually a lack of effort or capability to provide training on critical thinking. The assumption was left in...

... middle of paper ...

...ondary sources. The authors ideas were already in play and were actively being pursued, providing no new method or process that would make a difference.
My position on this article was defined by methods and structures associated with the design of arguments within research. The main theme that was used to review the article was the use of reason to design the argument. The laying out of evidence to support reasoning to the claims are an important part of the process of writing a paper that has a solid foundation. There cannot be any doubt that the information being written is not correctly understood and applied correctly toward the context being written. In the article that was read, there was an absence of any strong connection of evidence to the claims. What was seen in this article was the truth in concept of what is important in the layout of a good argument.

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