Is Human Reasoning Rational? Essay

Is Human Reasoning Rational? Essay

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Is human reasoning rational? Draw on theories of deductive reasoning and your own experience with Sudoku puzzles.
Reasoning can be defined as the problems that differ from other kinds of problems in that they often owe their origins to formal systems of logic (Eysenck and Keane (2005). Deductive reasoning is a type of reasoning that leads to conclusions that are definitely true given that statements the conclusion is based on are true.
Rationality is the quality or state of being reasonable, based on facts or reason. Rationality implies the conformity of one 's beliefs with one 's reasons to believe, or of one 's actions with one 's reasons for action. Rational psychology offers a number of practical benefits. The first of these is that of formal, precise statements of artificial intelligence problems, theories, and techniques.
Deductive reasoning is a concept focused on logical arguments. It uses arguments that conclusions’ typically follow from a premise. To draw a correct conclusion, the individual must assume the premises to be true without the use of previously learned knowledge to reason on the premises at hand. The individual will then declare a valid conclusion, which has to be logically correct, based on the truth of the premises. However, conclusions can still be incorrectly stated if a premise if conceived to be true when it is in fact false.
One of the most common forms of deductive reasoning is syllogistic reasoning. Syllogisms are deductive reasoning problems that involve two premises and a conclusion, for example: “Some burglars are bankers; No bankers are policemen; so I can conclude that some burglars are not policemen.” An individual can logically arrive at a valid conclusion that explains the relationship be...

... middle of paper ... ability make someone more rational than another?
There are however some ideas that support rationalism in humans. Sudoku puzzles require an incredible amount of training and skill in order to tackle them. Imagine an instance where an untrained individual attempts to tackle a Sudoku puzzle; they would initially be completely helpless but will soon learn an effective strategy for coping with the task at hand. They will notice that particular strategies are more effective than others and will use a number of mental models to acquire inferences. Rational humans will assemble the strategies they have obtained to add the mental models of possibility as they continue to explore what works in a Sudoku puzzle to then solve it. Similar to every day life, once an individual has developed a strategy for a particular occurrence, their reasoning is often controlled as a result.

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