The Internet : Coming Of Age Online Essay

The Internet : Coming Of Age Online Essay

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In recent times, the internet as a medium of communication has revolutionized various aspects of the human life. According to Harris in the book, I Found It on the Internet : Coming of Age Online, notes that since the internet presents with dire speed, power and sophistication, a majority of the American youth have taken the internet to be their preferred medium of communication (7). Indeed, communication is a significant part of the human life since from time immemorial; man has been described as a social being. Today’s youth have found it easy to link up to the world through a few clicks on any internet-enabled device (Wang and Zhang 72). The traditional conventional ways of connecting such as the use of post cards and letters have been slowly eliminated with the advent of the internet. In as much as the world has a lot to thank the internet for; there are dire consequences that have ensued from the reliance on the internet. These consequences have resulted to some schools of thought to have to describe the internet as a “double-edged” sword. This is to mean that in as much as it has brought some positives such as easy communication and globalization; there are serious detrimental effects that have been brought forward due to the internet (Harris 23). The negative effects on the internet seem to affect the American youth compared to any age group. This is because the American youth has been seen to be the heaviest subscribers to the internet. The digital platforms by the many social media companies seem to have their main
agenda targeting the youth due to these consumption patterns. For instance, in their study titled, “Youth Internet Use: Risks and Opportunities” Guan and Subrahmanyam assert that more than 82% o...

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...urn being used to blackmail
them (43). This example shows that the internet has opened avenues to increased cyber bullying among the youths who are the main internet consumers.
In conclusion, the internet revolution has resulted in numerous advantages especially regarding communication, education and globalization. However, its effect on the youth has been dire considering that the youth are the heaviest consumers of the internet. Evidently, internet use by the youth has been responsible for numerous social vices such as poor socialization skills, decreased academic performance, increased incidences of moral decadence while at the same time presenting an avenue for cyber bullying and harassment. Thus, all efforts should be directed at trying to create solutions to regulate how the youth use the internet for the improvement of the society.

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