Essay on The Internet And Its Effect On Children

Essay on The Internet And Its Effect On Children

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In recent years, the Internet has become a growing part of most people’s daily lives and has many different purposes. The Internet has given access to heaps of information and allowed easier communication, but what effect does this have on today 's youth? As the first generation to grow up in this new digital world, is the Internet doing children more harm than good? Many children use the Internet every day in school and at home, and it does have both its benefits and drawbacks. With the help of parental controls, the Internet can be a safe and fun place for children. The Internet has more of a positive than negative social and academic effect on children.

Children use the Internet for many reasons for both entertainment and education. The Internet can be a massive help for school work when parents do not have time to help or cannot explain; many children use the Internet to research for school projects, look up unknown information, or get assistance for homework. Many teachers also use the Internet in their classrooms to show educational videos or websites to aid children in comprehending the lesson (Markey). The Internet is also used to be homeschooled or take online classes (Markey), and educational blogs are a great way to get homework help and communicate with others with similar interests (Storm). Children, of course, also use the Internet for entertainment purposes including gaming and social networking. By the age of 12, most children are active on Facebook or some other social media site which is used mostly to communicate with friends and family (Weeden).

Internet use has social benefits such as allowing children to communicate, come together, and express themselves. Even though, a lot of a...

... middle of paper ...

...hese dangers. Parents can also block unwanted or inappropriate sites to protect their kids.

Overall, the Internet does have its benefits and drawbacks, but as a whole it has a positive effect on children’s social and academic well-being. There are quite a few social harms that come along with Internet use, but most of these harms can be easily prevented with limited Internet use, parental controls, and supervision. Also keep in mind that it is a lot easier to find the negatives associated with the Internet than the positives. The Internet has brought about a big transformation in society. Children are now spending more time online, but this is not a negative. The Internet is not taking away or harming children; it is just changing the way kid 's spent their time. The Internet has a positive effect on children because it is an excellent learning and social tool.

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