Essay about Intellectual Ability in the Workplace

Essay about Intellectual Ability in the Workplace

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Intellectual is associated to our mind which we use our mind creatively and able find solutions to solve the problem through reason and thinking. Ability is an individual capacity, talent or skills that he or she enables to perform a job successfully when under take a certain responsibility. According to Gabriel (n.d.), intellectual ability means the skills required to perform mental tasks and apply to both academic and work settings. So that, intellectual ability play an important role in workplace. An individual who has intellectual ability in workplace, he or she can do the things on time and more efficient, they also can help their organization cut costs from labour, training and improve productivity. In general, intellectual ability in workplace can be classified into six major classes which are number aptitude, verbal comprehension, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, spatial visualization and memory.
First, number aptitude is one of the intellectual ability in workplace. Number aptitude is ability to calculate number in a speedy (Greenberg, 2011). It is described about the job always work related with the number. Number aptitude is needed for all kind of company especially for who are doing business and entire job. Number aptitude needed when we processing a business such as compute the account. Supermarket is the best example because number aptitude is needed when we needed to do transaction. Therefore, accountant is one of the job is match to describe the number aptitude.
Verbal comprehension is the second type of intellectual ability in workplace. Verbal comprehension is ability to understand about the word and sentence (Greenberg, 2011). It plays an important role in type of intellectual ability in w...

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