Essay about The Impact of the Internet Revolution on Daily Life

Essay about The Impact of the Internet Revolution on Daily Life

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The internet, it is the largest collection of accessible information ever; So it comes as no surprise that the internet is a major part of daily life. The use of the internet is so common that it has made its way into some of the most important aspects of society,the workplace,the educational system, and general leisure time.The internet has proved as beneficial as any other tool, but the internet is constantly adapting. The internet is always changing and propels all aspects of digital society.

The internet has made a huge effect on the ways of business and changes the workplace constantly. The internet was introduced into the world of business on the first of January 1983, and since then there been nearly 1.5 billion people that have logged on to the internet with the end result of a business transaction. That means twenty five percent of everyone on earth has used the internet and invoked a business transaction.(Jakob Nielson, The internet has caused a the transfer of information to be instant. the cause of these business transactions were due to the ability to transfer information instantaneously. The effects of this ability to transfer information is substantial for business, it opens up a huge customer base. With billions of potential customers business shows the greatest effects of the internet. The real cause for the adaptation of the internet in every day life starts with education and incorporating the internet into everyday life.

In the last twenty years the internet has slowly infused itself with the education of students at all levels. The internet is the largest source of information, it has become a largely successful part of the educational system. In america ninety four percent of all instructi...

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...nternet is the instant access to movies and music. The ability of the internet is so great that individuals can watch it work. The ability to watch movies instantly has been almost monopolized by a company called Netflix, this website can show a movie that is selected on the computer and send the signal to space and back into a device that allows the individual to watch it on television; all this happens in less than five seconds. With the internet came another popular site in which the individual can buy music,movies,and games; it is known as iTunes. Individuals can do anything on the internet with no exception to the entertainment industry.

The Internet is a common tool that has progressed exponentially and is ever present in daily life. It takes place in business, in education, and even in free time. It has resulted in pushing forward mankind as a whole.

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