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Hypothetico-Deductive Modeling to Q&A Essays

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Hypothetico-Deductive Modeling to Q&A
The Hypothetico-Deductive model is considered by some to be the hallmark of scientific research methods. The model is predicated on obtaining information in an effort to confirm or reject the hypothesis developed. This methodology requires the researcher to ask questions, hone in on the issue through preliminary research, formulate hypothesis and measurements, test, draw conclusions, refine and report. In order for the model to be effective the question being addressed by the researcher must be testable. This means there is practical feasibility of producing counterexamples. For example answering the question of “does God exist?” would not facilitate an appropriate use of the Hypothetico-Deductive model since there is no scientific way to test for it.
Charles Darwin is the grandfather of biological sciences and was a profound user of the hypothetico-deductive model in his research. This model served him in his explanation of natural selection and evolution. His research was predicated on the use of existing theories during his time. He would use these theories to create a hypothesis. This hypothesis served to allow for the collection of data. This data allowed him to challenge and/or contradict an existing theory (Penny, 2009). Darwin’s mode of operation and his ability to advance knowledge of the biological sciences serves as a powerful example of how the hypothetical-deductive model can assist with both basic and applied research.
Whether it is solving a simple problem or creating new knowledge, the use of a structured approach can assist with development of the question and associated research necessary to draw appropriate conclusions. The approach can provide a road-map tow...

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