Human Understanding: What is Inductive Reasoning? Essay

Human Understanding: What is Inductive Reasoning? Essay

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Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
Part I: What is Induction?
The term inductive reasoning refers to reasoning that takes specific information and makes a broader generalization that is considered probable, allowing for the fact that the conclusion may not be accurate. An example of inductive reasoning is: All observed children like to play with Legos. All children, therefore, enjoy playing with Legos. Relying on inductive reasoning throughout everyday life is just a part of human nature. If someone were to take into consideration every plausible outcome of a given situation, they would never get anything done or been stricken with worry. The simple principle of induction (SPI) states that:
“If every A observed so far has also been a B, and you have no special reason to think that the next A won’t be a B, then infer that the next A will be a B.
If I have seen 1000 Labrador Retriever in a row at my pet salon, and I have no reason to think that the next dog will not be a Labrador, then I infer that the next dog will be a Labrador.

Part II: The Problem of Induction

We ca...

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