Essay on History, Development, and Societal Impact of the Internet

Essay on History, Development, and Societal Impact of the Internet

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AO2 Drivers for continued development
Advances in technology have encouraged progression of the internet and have sometime been a drive of development. The advert of broadband has allowed communications to be faster, which has facilitated the transfer of larger file such as sound and video. This ability marked the beginning of the modern era of sites such as YouTube and iTunes. When looking at the technical side, the internet is developing rapidly. The reason for this would be that the technology today. Such as windows 8, this has appeared on msn advertisements, which shows us a sneak peak of what is different about it from the previous windows 7. Because the internet has new ideas that are getting more and more to a develop stage, that when in many years’ time in the future many technology or even equipment that are out today have been demolished and new ideas have been developed to a new stage and then introduce. For example the new developed technology todays times such as the iPod, iPad, etc. When in the future all of the technology will be develop to a completely new stage compared to know. Most technology based devices like televisions, computers, also internet will be implanted like a chip that is placed into people’s heads/brains.
From the first day of when the internet was created, a large concentration when to academically side, for development. As the ‘ARPENET’ was, first base in the US military, but also was in a university, which had had to use with the supervision of a proffessor. The internet was interesting thing for the academic sector, as it contains a range of quantities of info. In addition, it is important that the user is aware of the information available on the Internet, and...

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