Essay about Greek Mythology Vs. Apollo

Essay about Greek Mythology Vs. Apollo

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Hermes and Apollo each play a significant role in Greek mythology and both have equally earned their titles as Olympian Gods. Apollo is the God of light and has the duty of moving the Sun across the sky with his horse chariot. Hermes is the messenger of all Gods and links mortals to the Olympians. The all-powerful Zeus, who is the supreme ruler of all Gods, fathers them. It is only natural that both would inherit God-Like traits of their father. Through analyzing the Hymn to Apollo and Hymn to Hermes, Apollo and Hermes do have quite a bit in common. They both are Gods of shepherds, flocks, and music. Despite the roles and responsibilities that make them alike, they have their own intelligences and attributes that set them greatly apart. Apollo is portrayed as a frightening and powerful God, whereas his half brother Hermes is portrayed as an amusing and an innocent God. Hermes is also a devious trickster, messenger, and guide for souls. Apollo is a complex but just deity and is also the God of medicine and healing. In my opinion ultimately the more “God-like” God is Apollo because he is rational, honest, and feared.
Apollo is presented as a terrifying and strong God in the Hymn to Apollo. His capability of bringing fear to all commences even before his birth and while he is inside his mother Leto. Apollo was intensely fearful as Leto went distant to find a land that would allow her to bear Apollo and have a shrine built for him on their ground. “From afar went Leto, seeking whether amongst these lands there was any that would be willing to furnish her son with a home. But they trembled much in fear, and not one dared” (Michael Crudden, The Homeric Hymns, Page 24) Leto eventually found the land of Delos where Apollo was agreed ...

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...e God of heavenly distance, who propelled or endangered from afar; the deity who made men conscious of their own fault and cleansed them of it. Many dread Apollo, as he is also the God of medicine and healing. At his mercy, he has the power to bring forth plague and disease with his arrow. Apollo is the God of truth, as he cannot tell a lie. Hermes uses his clever mind to fool others for his own amusement and lacks responsibility as well as these traits that Apollo has. Apollo’s well-rounded strengths and abilities embody what I consider to be “God-like” capabilities. Through his metis and power, he is able to produce clarification, amends, certainty, and a new civil stability of justice. Apollo is more deity like than Hermes because he is well rounded with his abilities and powers. He recognizes his strength and only uses it when necessary hence his rationality.

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