Genetically Modified Organisms : An Efficient Form Of Feeding The World 's Population

Genetically Modified Organisms : An Efficient Form Of Feeding The World 's Population

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The Differentiation of Genetically Modified Organisms through the Disciplines

The advancements in genetically modified organisms have challenged earth’s current population to consider the importance of, not only providing food for a growing population, but to denote all of the potential risks and effects of genetically modified organisms. Ultimately, the growth in biotechnology defines the necessity for an efficient form of feeding the world’s population, and the inevitable economical and biological impacts that come with introducing new technology. Suchitra Kamle’s article regarding risk assessment and biosafety concerns, with genetically modified crops, brings to light issues related to the introduction of the Bacillus Thurengiensis (Bt) genes into plants. Similarly, Dominic Glover’s article, “The Corporate Shaping of GM Crops as a Technology for the Poor” discusses how policy makers “should strive to separate the substantive content […] of GM crop application from the simplistic assumptions about pro-poor impacts to which they are so often attached” (Glover 68). In considering the distinct disciplinary fields that review genetically modified organisms, this paper aims to define how authors Glover and Kamle approach the similar topic of GM crops differently. By comparing the conventions of structural makeup, utilization of language, and different writing techniques, this essay will present the implications of how Glover and Kamle evaluate genetically modified crops.
The composition of the two articles entail differences of physical structure, the employment of visual aids, and the respected format the article is written in. Kamle’s scientific review engages an APA format in combination with a table of contents to express t...

... middle of paper ...

...ended audiences that each author reaches, reflects the specific kind of language and subject matter in each respected article.
Biotechnology is a subject that is reflected through different disciplines and continues to feed a growing discussion amongst society. Both Glover and Kamle approach the subject of genetically modified crops through the disciplines of biology and economics. Where Kamle bases a simple sentence structure with straightforward, scientific language to reach a more specified intended audience, Glover utilized a complex sentence structure in combination with a logically deductive type of language to reach a more generalized intended audience. By comparing the conventions of structural makeup, utilization of language, and different writing techniques, this essay describes the implications of how Glover and Kamle evaluate genetically modified crops.

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