Essay on Evaluation Of A Case For An Organization Or Policy

Essay on Evaluation Of A Case For An Organization Or Policy

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There are different strategies to be used when doing research. A case study analysis is one strategy. With a case study the research looks at one case for example an organization or policy. The issue is making sure that the case study does not become a longitudinal strategy or cross-sectional one. Longitudinal strategy is when the same sample is used at different points in time. This data may be collected using questionnaires and asking the same questions to the same people but at different points in time to find reasoning. Historical modeling can be done using a longitudinal strategy and secondary data, but time restraints can hinder the results. Cross-sectional design looks at many cases in one time with no look at the past or future of the experiment (Lee and Ling, 2008: 197-201). These factors can be advantages and disadvantages to research. All of these strategies can be qualitative or quantitative, but some work better then others depending on the research topic. After the strategy comes the data collection and analysis.

Thematic analysis is not content analysis. Content analysis is commonly used in qualitative research as a way of analyzing text through the use of coding by words with the purpose to be who said what and to whom, and why. Where as thematic analysis is a way of reporting patterns and analyzing them within the data. Both sets of data look at the narrative, but thematic analysis keeps the data in a purely qualitative form when analyzed and content analysis becomes quantitative when coded (Vaismoradi, Turunen, and Bondas, 2013). Meaning that content analysis becomes about the numbers in the end to describe the results and thematic analysis has more depth and detail in the final conclusions.
Content analysis an...

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...what a person wants to know, what is useful, what will give the research creditability, and what can be done in the time frame and with the resources available (Marshall et al., 2013). The data source, way of sampling, and size of sample make up the final data to be analyzed and affect the final outcome of the research.
Qualitative and quantitative research start the discovery of the research next comes strategy, and data whether it be in the form of primary or secondary, and finally the analysis and final conclusions of the research. This is the background that researchers start with before they start the research process. They must decide what strategy and analysis and why those are the best fit for their study. The background literature on question being asked is the first thing that can happen before any of the methodology can even begin a question must be asked.

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