The Effects of the Internet on Society Essay

The Effects of the Internet on Society Essay

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The internet is the social, economic, and political tool of the new age. In its young age, it far surpasses the importance of other forms of communication, such as the telephone, telegraph, television, and newspaper. Not only is the medium capable of essentially eliminating those mediums, it will play an important role in the advancement of civilization. While the majority of issues surrounding the internet are positive, it is important to take a step back and look at what other side effects it has had on society, outside of a communication standpoint. Perhaps the biggest change has come to the political spectrum. The Internet has drastically alter the political landscape by positively increasing participation in political campaigns in Western democracies.
The internet itself is hardly a complex system, when it comes down to the broad spectrum. Simply put, a user opens up their browser and types in an address. That address is changed into a number, which much like a telephone, points to a specific location, or in this case, a specific computer. Once they are connected, that specific computer sends data back to the browser in the same fashion. Many do not understand it, because they are ignorant, unwilling to learn, or incapable of doing so. Perhaps it is for that reason that the younger generation has taken the internet by storm.
Newspapers, radio, and television are all similar forms of media, and in today's world, they are the media of the last generation. Despite the ever-increasing gap between the two, the is only a gap of five years. According to a survey taken by Maier, the average age of the internet respondent was 45 years, while those who said they read the newspaper was 50 (Maier 66). This was in 2005, and it's changed...

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...f a million lost their homes.
Certainly, any violence in such cases is deplorable and is a negative effect of a new medium. However, it is unlikely that this crisis would have been any less bloody or painful had there been no internet. In the time of the Vietnam War, there was no internet, but yet there were violent clashes between the peace movement and law enforcement. Certainly, nowhere near 1,000 people died in protests, however, it must be noted that Kenya and the United States are culturally different in how the government functions.
Times change. So does how society gathers information, acts upon it, and lives through it. Politics, however, only evolves through the people. As people have begun to use the internet more and more often, it has become commonplace for politicians to use the internet as a means to connect with the voters and their constituents.

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