Effects of Internet Information Overload Essay

Effects of Internet Information Overload Essay

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Media has a great importance in every day life. People of almost every age use media to facilitate him in someway or to fulfill his/her need. To be informed… entertained... And to be educated are some of the basic requirements for using media. Television, Newspapers and Internet are the common mediums. Altogether these different mediums are gaining so much importance that now media is one of the strongest pillars of the society. But Internet is widely used by the students all because it’s serving as one of the fastest way to get information. Now it is easy to get latest updated information and students are now more aware of the issues. No doubt information provided on Internet creates more prospects for a student –centered learning environment. But to some extend it’s also causing a problem of Information Overload, all because it’s providing the individuals with so much information that it’s causing hidden problem.
This research study indicates the effects of Internet Information Overload on youth. The term “Information Overload” generally means to an excess amount of information being provided, resulting in difficulty for the individuals regarding processing and absorbing information. Due to which sometimes one cannot see the validity behind the information. Nowadays Information Overload can be judged on a variety of media among which the most common are Television, Newspapers and the Internet etc. The term Internet Information Overload specifically discuss the overload of information through the most used medium by youth i.e. Internet.
Sharma, Mishra & Pulist (2005) found that
Societies have been recognized as information societies due to the impact of information and communication technologies in all aspects of human lif...

... middle of paper ...

...aries was not available.
• Access to many websites was not available at home.

This chapter gives an overview of the topic “Effects of Internet Information Overload on youth”.
The main objectives of this research study are
• To see whether the students are aware about the term information overload or how do they understand the term information overload.
• To analyze that how information overload is affecting the students regarding their studies.
• To see whether the students are managing the information overload or not.
It will be significant for the students who wish to know how Information Overload is affecting them and to see its effects critically. To judge the phenomena some psychological indicators are identified on the basis of which research will be conducted. The students of different sectors are selected to analyze the results.

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