Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover or The Importance of Beauty Essays

Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover or The Importance of Beauty Essays

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Since the time we were children, we were told not to “judge a book by its cover.”however , there are some instance where this is not taking in consider . The book Bridging the Gap, has an article called, “The Important Of Being Beautiful”, Sidney katz stated that studies show that attractive people have advantages in life that unattractive people do not have. attractive people tend to earn higher salaries and/or more successful. people deemed to be less attractive and / or unattractive tend to earn less than average salaries. also studies further confirm that attractiveness is important even in careers where looks are not the determinant.
A Deductive Argument is a form of argument where the conclusion logically follows from the given premises. The author stated this as “horns / halo effect” a tendency to allow one's judgement of another person, especially in a job interview, to be unduly influenced by an unfavorable (horns) or favorable (halo) first impression based on appearances beside that , attractive children tend to be treated better by both teacher and a studies done by Dion, provide 243 female university studies with identical detailed account of the misbehavior a seven-year old school child. then she showed pictures of seven-year-old boys or girls who have been rated in high physical attractiveness ; the other half of boys and girls who weren't that attractiveness. the evaluation of that one misbehave child as well mannered and basically unselfish . but the low attractive child was descry as bratty and would be a problem to teacher and try to pick a fight lastly a brat. attractive kids are perceived to be more intelligenT and social thank their less attractive.
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...meone life and it affect in all areas such as career , old age , children and lastly legal matters , stating that David humphrey a prominent Ontario criminal lawyer observed , if a beautiful woman is not trail , you have to show evidence that she did something wrong.
Attractiveness is associated with more positive traits than unattractiveness . studies show that attractive children are often tine seen as more sociable , agreeable and intelligent while less attractive children are viewed as unsociable , unintelligent and lazy. also in adult worlds , attractive people tend to earn higher salaries and or / more successful. unattractive people are more likely to receive or are accused more crime, even better looking older people get better treatment in hospital and nursing home. people just love to be around attractive people , simple and pure it just human nature.

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