Critical Writing : The Most Powerful Tools Of Communication Ever Created

Critical Writing : The Most Powerful Tools Of Communication Ever Created

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Writing is one of the most powerful tools of communication ever created. Contrary to what most think, modern generations have been exposed to more reading and writing, thanks to social media and other non-traditional sources. Although more Americans have been reading due to these other forms of media, not all of these media produce quality critical writing. Ultimately, critical writing involves thoroughly supporting one 's argument, making readers re-examine their own personal views and recognizing that one 's own argument is not foolproof.
Critical writing, like most other means of communication, is a deliberate and intricate process. In this process, the writer is responsible for guiding the reader through his or her ideas by purposefully unpacking his or her argument piece by piece. In doing this, the writer provides logical and understandable examples that bolster the claim and that persuade the reader to agree with his or her conclusion. As evident in Geneva Smitherman 's "English Teacher, Why You Be Doing the Thangs You Don 't Do?", critical writing should place more emphasis on the ability to support one 's argument than on the academic conventions of Standardized English. Throughout her piece, Smitherman scolds English teachers for their intense focus on grammatical correctness over students ' ability to create a logical argument. Smitherman not only offers multiple examples to demonstrate her point, but she also uses her voice to become part of the argument. As she speaks, Smitherman intentionally writes in Ebonics, using terms like "remain in the street thang" (Smitherman 62) and "[b]ees that as it may" (61). By using this unique speech, Smitherman vividly demonstrates that the normal rules of academic writing are not e...

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... be automatically implemented, Logan is truthful and demonstrates that her solution is practical but not perfect. She does not assume that the audience is stupid and doesn 't know that every solution has consequences. Rather she makes sure that she lays out her entire proposal and does not try to hide from the effects.
Overall, critical writing is a field that, while changing in form, is not changing in essence. Critical writing as a whole serves to expose the way that our collective society thinks and to change it for society 's benefit. When we are able to be open to other non-academic forms of critical writing, we as readers can better see the problems in our thinking and can understand how to solve them. Ultimately, regardless of what form it takes place in, critical writing is necessary for us to face our ugly truths and evolve into the best society possible.

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