Critical Thinking, Rhetoric, And Research Essay

Critical Thinking, Rhetoric, And Research Essay

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As a student enrolled in English 112, I was expected to improve in my writing process,
critical thinking, rhetoric, and research. Personally, my rhetoric use and critical thinking have
been stretched the most. Concerning my critical thinking, I have never been required to use so
many neurons to come up with and prove my own argument. Yes, I have written on simple,
prewritten argumentative examples like, “Should students wear school uniforms?”. However, I
have never had to sit, pause, and just think about how to argue an author’s motive in a piece of
literature. This class has also required me to stay keen on rhetorical skills. My grammar and
organization has always been “Okay”, but I needed to work on grooming my writing with a fine
toothed comb. When it came to my expository writing before this class, I did not comprehend
that I had an audience. I believed that I was just supposed to plop the information in front of
them and hope they would soak it up. However, this class has taught me that information can be
conveyed with personality. The audience should continue to want to read. This class has
improved and highlighted my strengths and weakness in my writing; that can be seen throughout
this portfolio of my writing this year.
My first assignment was to create an annotated bibliography. While creating the
assignment, I had to be very aware of how I set up my MLA formatting. I had to be even more
industrious when it came seeking credible sources. In the past, I assumed that just because a
Mensah 2
person wrote a piece of literature, they were credible. However, I made sure to do background
checks on the authors on this paper- I paid more attention to their education, previous works, and
current professions. This assignment was sim...

... middle of paper ...

...tely on a
writing assignment. I particularly enjoyed this assignment because I gained knowledge on an
important subject that will impact the rest of my life. A weakness in this paper was my APA
formatting; however, a strength was my creativity. That can be seen in my favorite genre “ An
Interview With Jesus”.
Overall, I have no doubt that I have become a stronger writer in this course. I have
become more aware of my writer-to-audience relationship; I try to keep the audience engaged
while still fulfilling the purpose of the assignment. I have also improved my rhetoric- I stay more
Mensah 4
focused on a topic and know how to maintain organization. My research skills have also
improved- I know where to get research from and understand what a credible source is. I am
grateful to have taken this course and know that the knowledge I have gained will help me in the

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