Essay Critical Thinking Is A For Success

Essay Critical Thinking Is A For Success

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Critical thinking is skillful, deep thought that involves all aspects of your knowledge to better understand something. In today’s world, just about everything is a competition for success. In school, we are competing against each other for the best GPA, or top spot. Then after school we are competing for jobs. Once we get a job, there are competitions within our companies and then against outside companies. Critical thinking is a valuable tool in each of these examples and is something that successful people do a lot.
In situations, a person has the choice whether to think critically or to put in minimal thought. Throughout high school, I remember a lot of classes requiring just minimal thought. A lot of classes I took focused on just regurgitating information that had been spoon-fed to us. Some of the classes even went as far as discouraging critical thought. For example, in numerous history classes throughout high school we would spend 45 minutes copying down notes off of PowerPoint. Andrew Smith describes the space a PowerPoint slide takes up as “dead” and a blackboard as “alive with possibility”(Smith). I would agree with Smith because if we wanted to do well on the tests it was necessary to take these notes. So it leaves no time to critically think in class about a topic that might be presented to us. If a person raises their hand and asks a question that will require critical thinking they would usually get an answer from the teacher similar to, “We will cover that later.” That might be true, but again it is usually just covered in a minimal thought way. Smith also states this in talking about PowerPoint style lectures, “In the face of such a procession, we switch off, because nothing is being asked of us.”...

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...lege grads not getting hired, that it’s not because they lack technical skills but that they are lacking soft skills (White). Such skills as communication, creativity, and critical thinking. I would argue that critical thinking is easily the most important because if one does not critically think about something they will not be creative. Also, if they do not critically think before they begin to communicate eventually no one will listen.
Critical thinking is something we should be doing throughout our whole lives. Even though it is a very important tool in business and in school, it is not limited to just that. Critical thinking can engage all different parts of your mind in any decision process. By engaging all these different parts, one can get a much more in-depth understanding and make deeper connections so it can be remembered better in the future.

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