Critical Thinking At The Truth Of The Independent Mind Lies Essay

Critical Thinking At The Truth Of The Independent Mind Lies Essay

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“The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.”- Christopher Hitchens. Critical thinking is an important skill for people to possess. It allows us to hear a statement and analyze it based on logical reason and the existence of fallacies. I say that this is an important “skill”, because it takes practice and knowledge to be able to justify the validation of a particular statement and to remove your personal bias opinion of it. “The whole purpose of reasoning, of logic, is to arrive at the truth of things”. In this paper, I will discuss how the topics introduced at the beginning of this class connect to the current topics and I will talk about how taking this course has changed my personal views and way of thinking.
At the beginning of this class we focused on what it means to be “logical”. During the class discussion, we spent the time necessary to try to define “critical thinking” and the words “critically” and “thinking” separately. We had a very thought-provoking discussion on LOVE. Our attention was then shifted to a more in-depth analysis of arguments, and specific fallacies that people use in their statements. Language and the definitions of words were then discussed, which lead into the topic of epistemology. The class was then wrapped up with the discussion of “why we fight?” Near the end of this semester, students formed groups and each group was tasked with the project to present an argument, which included various premises, identification of any fallacies that were made, and to determine if the argument being presented was done so with a basis in knowled...

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...was discussed throughout this entire semester. Every topic was essentially built on top of the previous one, and all tied together when each group had to use everything that we have learned to look at an argument and point out the premises, fallacies, language and word usage, and to distinguish if the argument being presented was with a basis of knowledge or belief. I think that the actual “definition” of “critically thinking” was not necessarily vocally defined, rather than defined through the classes experience with researching and discussing the parts of an argument within each group and as a whole class. We now have the ability to confidently listen to an argument and point out the differences between the logical reasoning and the fallacies being used, which is much more useful in our daily lives than just simply “knowing” the definition of “critical thinking”.

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