Essay about The Connection Between Theory And Data

Essay about The Connection Between Theory And Data

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Esterberg’s discussion of the connection between theory and data says that in order to carry out qualitative research you need to use inductive reason. Deductive reasoning is the opposite approach inductive reasoning which correlates with quantitative research. When looking at deductive research you begin with creating a theory that you want to test by creating a hypothesis and picking a sample to study. Looking at inductive reasoning you begin with analyzing the world around you and strategize different characteristics to form a theory. To me theory means reasoning’s to test something to find answers. I believe it helps us understand the world around us better but making correlations between two different things.
2. Offer a brief description of the following:
a. Naturalism, including some of the critiques: Naturalism research is when researchers go out into the real world and observe people or communities naturally. The data is written up in the words of the people rather than what the researcher says. The researcher focuses on key aspects as in creating personal and empathetic connections in order to fully commit into the community they are studying. Some of the critiques of naturalism include the accountability of the researcher of how they are going to portray the people being studied, there is an inability to produce objective accounts, and naturalistic researcher are unable to hear and see everything that is happening so they might miss something important. Finally naturalistic researchers believe that society can studies and reconstructed while others many argue that life is created through social interactions and event that happen.
b. Social Constructionist, the basic premises that it is based on: Social constructionist...

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...e students that participated gained a more “empathetic view toward gay and lesbian communities” they also felt “empowering”.
I felt like the Esterberg book was helpful in chapter two because I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for my research. Chapter two also taught me how to get started with my research and to think about how I’m going to conduct my question and what I want to test. I did feel like the pink tringle reading was a bit difficult to read. I do feel pretty confident about doing my own hands on research project but I am a little nervous I won’t correctly do it. In my own opinion I feel like qualitative research is more difficult than quantitative research. I believe it would be a good experience to participate in the Pink Triangle Experiment because I think it’s a big social movement to show change and understanding of gays and lesbians.

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