Christianity And Ancient Egyptian Mythology Essay

Christianity And Ancient Egyptian Mythology Essay

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Religion has always been a strange but brightening subject of surprises and discussion, especially when comparing and contrast two different faiths. The path down that road is a rough one ahead with many twists and turns. From rituals to the concept of souls, Christianity and Ancient Egyptian Mythology can seem quite different, but these two faiths are actually rather close. Wep Ronpet to New Year’s Day, it can all seem as though it is being repeated. The cultures may be extremely different, but the faith is not.
Prayer is a large part of any religion. In Christianity, prayer can either be private or as a community, depending on preference and can be done by yourself or by a priest. Many religious is a good mix of private and community prayer, instead of one or the other. Many formal things must be done by a priest including most Baptisms, Communion, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
Christians have a similar ritual to the cleansing bath of the Ancient Egyptians but it is usually a once in a life time thing that can be for any person, not just a member of clergy. Baptism, which can be done at any age, is a ritual that many Christians consider important for a relationship with God to be healthy. A priest can either use the immersion tradition, which submerges the person under water fully, or they can pour holy water on top of the person’s head. Baptism is seen as a way to “get right” with God, even though this contradicts the New Testament which says work is not needed to gain salvation. The symbolism of baptism is quite clear. When a person gets immersed in the water, they are showing the picture of Christ dying but when they immerge, it is said that they are rising with Him. It is shown as a picture of rebirth that marks an ...

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... spoken, which is why cartouches of royals were made. The Ba was everything that made an individual unique, like a person’s personality. The Ka was the part of the soul that held the vital essence that tells the differences of a living and dead person. The Ancient Egyptians believed the Ka was the part of the human that need sustenance. Mummification was developed to preserve the body so that the Ka and Ba could come back to a body and rejuvenate energy to go back into the Afterlife (Pinch 2002).
Even though these religions seem very different, there are still a large number of similarities that can be found. From holidays to rituals, the surprising truth is that they are more similar than different. The culture differences between the Christians and Egyptians are what make the difference between the holidays, rituals, or concept of the soul, not their religion.

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