The Best Way to Learn Semantic Chinese Radicals For Adult Second Language Learners

The Best Way to Learn Semantic Chinese Radicals For Adult Second Language Learners

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The children and adults learn the languages differently. Children learn implicitly or automatically acquire complex grammatical structures of their first language based on experience, but adults already need more additional resources of the rules (explicit) learning (Ellis, 2005). However, the teaching Chinese semantic radicals might be taught implicitly or explicitly. Nearly every person experienced the second language learning. The great amount of research in second language acquisition was done after World War II. In 40-50th it was expected to learn second language by a “habit”, but today the scientists use a wide spectrum of knowledge from different fields of study such as linguistics, cognitive psychology, pedagogy (Hinkel, 2005). A great definition of the second language learning gave Mitchel “the learning of any language, to any level, provided only that the learning of the ‘second’ language takes place sometime later than the acquisition of the first language” (2013, p.1). There are many teaching techniques which aim to help people to learn foreign languages, but nowadays the cognitive psychology with explicit and implicit learning theories is ready to help to enhance learning results.
But first we would like to find out the historical data of implicit/explicit learning research. The implicit learning as a field of study was started by Reber A. in 1967; the seminal study of ‘artificial grammar learning’ (1967). The definition of implicit learning was first presented by Reber, who described “a process during which subjects in experimental studies acquire knowledge about a complex, rule-governed stimulus domain without intending to do so and without becoming aware of the knowledge they have acquired” (1967, p. 317). Expli...

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