Essay on Analysis Of Kraus, Sears, & Burke

Essay on Analysis Of Kraus, Sears, & Burke

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The article by Kraus, Sears, & Burke (2013) describe a model to facilitate critical thinking by incorporating nine modules in a regular college course. The article also summarizes the results of the preliminary study supporting the effectiveness of the module in facilitating critical thinking. This model to facilitate critical thinking is based on Bernstein’s (2007) steps for critical facilitating thinking: thinking about the claim; evaluating evidence, considering alternative interpretations of the evidence, and drawing conclusions. The model also intended to eliminate barriers to critical thinking that are identified by Myers (2009) such as biases, emotional reasoning, overuse of personal experience and reliance on authority. The model consists of nine modules based on following questions:
1. What am I being asked to believe or accept?
2. What evidence is available to support the claim?
3. What alternative ways are there to interpret the evidence?
4. Rate the evidence/alternatives on 0-10 scale based on validity/strength
5. What assumptions or biases came up when doing the above steps?
6. What additional evidence would help us evaluate the alternatives?
7. What conclusions are most reasonable or likely?
The modules were created with the intention to use once a week during the semesters. The modules used current controversial topics to facilitate active learning. The modules were tested in different academic settings prior to incorporating in the Critical Thinking in Psychology course. The activities were built hierarchically based on steps identified by the authors to facilitate critical thinking. The first and second modules focused on identifying a range of claims about the topic, identifying evidence supp...

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...used to facilitate critical thinking and more importantly metacognition. The identification of the system level and personal biases, choosing evidence, critically appraising current evidence and decision making based on the evidence require critical thinking skills. Therefore, these seven steps can be used to develop critical thinking required for developing clinical reasoning skills. The use of reflection paper will help the students understand their own thinking process. However, as the MOT students have not formed their opinions about the controversial OT topics this kind of activity would be more beneficial to post-professional and doctoral students than MOT students.

Kraus, S., Sears, S. R., & Burke, B. L. (2013). Is Truthiness Enough? Classroom Activities for
Encouraging Evidence-Based Critical Thinking. Journal of Effective Teaching, 13(2), 83-

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